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Women's Rights

(Wise Sayings of Imam Khomein )


o Islam has conferred freedom on women.


o Islam not only approves rights for women; rather, it is itself the founder of

      women's liberties in all its dimensions of their existence.


o Not only that Shi'ism does not exclude women from the arena of social

      life; rather, it places women on their lofty human station.


o In the Islamic system women enjoy the same rights as men””rights to

      education, work, and ownership, and to vote in the elections and to be

      voted in.


o   From [the viewpoint of] human rights, there is no difference between men

and women because both are human beings and women can decide about their own destinies just like men.


o   Women are free, just as men. to choose their own destiny and activities.


o   In the Islamic system, women, as human beings, can have active

participation, along with the men. in building the Islamic society.


o   Islam has rescued women from the humiliation and disgraces of the Age

of Ignorance prior to Islam. God knows that Islam has served women much more than it has served the men.


o   From the Islamic viewpoint, women have the crucial role in building the

Islamic society. Islam elevates the woman to the extent that she could be able to regain her human status in the society and cast off her status as an object, and commensurate with such growth, she can assume responsibilities in establishing the Islamic government.


o Today, the ladies should perform their religious and social duties and

     preserve the public chastity while they perform social and political works.


o   That which Islam opposes and has declared forbidden is corruption; it

makes no difference whether it is done by men or women. We aim to save the women from the perversion that threatens them.


o   We want women to be on their exalted human status and not be a



o   Islam does not want women to be in the hands of men1 as objects or

playthings. Islam wants to protect the personality of the women and develop them into serious, efficient and capable beings.


o Islam wants the human dignity of men and women to be maintained.


o In Islam, women must have the Islamic modest dress [hijab]; they need

      not don the chador. A woman may wear anything that provides her hijab.

Source: 'Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini" book 

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