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The Women's Role in the Society

(Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini)


o The woman has a great role in the society; she represents the realization of human ideals.


o The woman is the educator of mankind.


o Men ascend to high heavens from the lap of the women.


o The woman is the only being that can deliver individuals to the society by whose blessings the society, nay the entire societies are drawn to endurance and lofty human values.


o The woman's role in the society is above that of man because the women and ladies, in addition to their being an active stratum in all dimensions, they rear and train all the active strata in their laps.


o I observe a wondrous tranformution in the society of women, far beyond that of men.


o I take pride in the honorable Iranian women for undergoing such revolutionary change that destroyed more than 50 years of evil designs of the foreign plotters and their ignoble associates including ribald poets, writers and hired propaganda media.


o In our age women have proved that in the struggle they march by the side of men or, rather, ahead of them.


o We are honored that the women, small or big, young or old, all are present

      on the cultural, economic and military scenes by the side of men, or even

      better than them, along the way for the exaltation of Islam and the aims of

the Holy Qur'an.

o Whenever I see the respected ladies who. by their decisive will, are ready

      to endure all sorts of hardship; rather, to attain martyrdom for the sake of

      the objective, I feel assured that this path will lead to victory.


o The ladies are the leaders of our movement.


o You, brave ladies, who are shoulder-to-shoulder with men, insured the victory for Islam.


o You sisters had a great part in this movement.


o You, brave and dear sisters, shoulder-to-shoulder with men. insured the victory for Islam.


o Our men are indebted to the braveries of you, lion-hearted women. o We owe much of the successes to the services of you, ladies.


o Much of the men's services are due to women.


o The Iranian women have a larger part than men in this movement and



o Our dear ladies inspired the men with courage and bravery. o We owe this victory more to the ladies than to the men.


o That which was greater than anything else to Iran is the transformation

      that the ladies went through.


o If this movement and Islamic Revolution had nothing except the

     transformation that has occurred in the ladies and the youth, that alone

     would have been enough for our country!


o A nation, whose women are in the frontline in achieving the Islamic

      objectives, will not be harmed.


o Wiat honor is greater than the fact that our noble women stood up in the

      irstline against the former cruel regime and, after destroying that, stood

      up against the superpowers and demonstrated such resistance the like of

which has not been recorded, in any age, not even for men I


o Let.the women be pioneers in educating and training the noble society.


o If the human-molding women are taken away from a nation, that nation

      will experience decadence and defeat.


o Corruption and soundness of a society has its roots in the corruption and

      soundness of its women.


o You, men and women of history should demonstrate to the world and the

     future generations how to be steadfast in. subduing the oppressors and

     defending the truth!

Source: 'Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini" book 

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