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Islamic Associations

(Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini)


o I hope Iran will entirely become a single Islamic association.


o All of Iran and all Muslim countries are just one Islamic association and  that is the divine association.


o   Every one of these honorable associations is a branch of that great Islamic Association under the guidance of the Imam of the Time ('a).


o Try to make Islam known to the people. Let these Islamic associations try to introduce to the world our matchless commodities, our matchless Qur'an and our unique tradition.


o I ask the Islamic associations everywhere to strengthen their relations to the utmost, reject suspicious elements that are trying to divide them against themselves and present them to others, and place Islam and its liberating tenets as headlines to all their programs.


o   Islamic associations are useful to you. If someone says they are useless and reactionary, this is the reaction of which we are all accused.


o   If you do not reform yourselves and if you are not Islamic as you call yourselves, you cannot invite others to Islam.


o   You have two commitments: one, to be Islamic yourselves, and two, to render Islamic the places where Islamic associations exist.


o The Islamic associations must have Islamic beliefs.


o Of course, I have recommended that the Islamic associations must observe Islamic orientations and interfere in no other affair.

Source: 'Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini" book 

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