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The University and the University People

(Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini)


o The university is the base of all transformations.


o The destiny of this country is in the hands of the university people.


o The destiny of a nation must be decided from the university.


o If a country's university is rectified, that country will become rectified.


o Let the university professors know that if they rectify their university, they'll have insured their country to the end.


o We must continue our work until the university has become Islamic and hence, useful to our country.


o The university must be Islamic before anything else; for, the country's harms are all by people who do not know Islam.


o Islamization of the university means its independence; that it parts with the West, severs its dependency on the East; that we can have an independent country, an independent university and an independent culture.


o You, dear students, should exert every effort to get out of this Westernization! Find out your lost one, your lost one is your self.


o You must move the university in the direction of God. toward morality! Let all lessons be studied, be studied for God's sake!


o You, university men, try to cultivate human beings for if you do this you'll save your country!


o Let the university be a center for education. In addition to knowledge, training is also necessary. A badly reared or trained scholar is harmful.


o A university must be the center for the training of human beings.


o If the university is really a university and an Islamic university, that is. along with education there are purification and commitment, then these factors can lead a country to happiness.


o A good university makes a nation happy and a non-Islamic university, a bad university makes a nation retrograde.


o These individuals who graduate from a university either make a country or break it.


o Whatever of good or evil that befalls a nation””dependence or independence, freedom, or bondage and strangulation””are all subject to university training.


o It is the university which administers the affairs of a country. It is the university   that  trains  the  present  and  future  generations  and.   if the university  is at the disposal of the Eastern or Western pillagers, the country is at their disposal.


o   The universities are on the top of all affairs and the destiny of a country depends on them; therefore, they must try to turn their faces away from the West and the East.


o   Let the speakers, intellectuals, thinkers, university men, and scholars all direct their efforts at making our real enemy, America, disappointed.


o   Hard effort and sacrifice is needed for a university to become a university (in its true sense).


o   I hope we shall have a university which is useful to the nation.


o   I hope the day comes when people from other countries come to study in Iran.


o   I hope you have realized that all of the pains of Iran have started from the university.


o   The universities must all wake up. From the elementary school up to the last university all must be emptied of Westernization, and the East should stand on its own feet.


o   If the universities and the schools are not rectified, we cannot hope to find an Islamic Republic.


o   Islam is opposed to the corruption of universities, to the retardation of universities and to colonial universities.


o If we take universities lightly and lose them, we have lost everything.


o If peace and tranquility are not present in the university, or in other training environs, how can the thinkers transmit their thoughts to the youth and train their brains to be thoughtful and experts?


o If the universities become void of learned men and experts, the foreign opportunists and profiteers will spread roots as cancer everywhere in the country, and assume supervision and management of our economic and scientific affairs.


o Most of the fatal blows received by this society have been delivered by the majority of these intellectuals who have been to the universities and who always regard themselves great.


o I recommend to the successive generations to keep the universities away from the Eastern or Western perversion in order to safeguard yourselves, the beloved country and the man-molding Islam.


o   Let us never allow the universities to be drawn into perversion; wherever such tendency is observed, immediately rectify it. This vital matter should be attended to in the irst instance by the able hands of the youth of the universities and teacher-training colleges.


o   Greetings unto knowledge, unto university and unto the university men that are the nation's lights of guidance toward excellence, exaltation and piety.


o   Greetings unto the flourishing youth who. by the weapon of knowledge, try to elevate and honor the beloved Islamic homeland, and do not spare any action in attaining the humane Islamic objectives.


o   The most important factor in attaining self-sufficiency and reconstruction is to expand scientific and research centers, to concentrate and guide all resources and to encourage the inventors, discoverers and the dedicated expert forces who have the sagacity to combat ignorance and have escaped from the exclusive trap of looking to the East or the West, and thus demonstrated their ability to maintain the country on its own feet.


o The universities must become self-sufficient so that they won't need the knowledge of the West.

Source: 'Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini" book 

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