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The Reactionaries and the Pseudo-Clergy


o The heartaches inflicted on your old father by this reactionary group have

     been more painful than all that have been inflicted by others.

faqih (jurisprudent) as well as a prominent marja' at-taqlid. His reputation as Sahib alJawahir   was   for   writing   the   book,   Jawahir  al-Kalam,   on   various   subjects   of fiqh (jurisprudence).

Ijtihad: the practice of giving an independent judgment on a point of theology or law. TEd.]

o Islam has been hurt more by these pseudo-clergymen, than by any other

      group””as an outstanding example, the estrangement and oppression done

      to the Master of the Faithful ('a)””is clearly recorded in history.

o The danger to the theological centers from the reactionary, stupid, pseudo-

     clergy is no small measure. Let the dear students not ignore these

     charming snakes even for a moment.

o Do not think that only strangers have accused the clergy of having

      dependency ties and of kufr Such blows that come from the unlearned

clergy or from the learned but mercenary clergy are much more vicious.

o Islam has probably been hurt more by the impious 'ulama' than by the

      common people.

o Drive away from yourselves the hired clergy and the nationalists who

      know nothing of Islam and of the expediencies of the Muslims, for their

      harm to Islam is more than the harm of the world-devourers.

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