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History of abu musa and the tunbs

part 6

persian gulf

Conclusion on a "Finished Business":

Historical facts are self-evident and require not proof. There has been new vain attempt claim of the ownership of

Tunbs, (greater and lesser), Abu-Mousa, Sirri also to re-name that body of water, which for several millennia has

been universally known as Iranian territory. Ineffective attempts to occupy the true territory of Iran, separate parts by claiming has been game playing plots supported/manipulated by British government, thus they are in the opinion having ownership of every valuable water-body or strategic land. Claiming does not provide evidence of ownership. Many who are unaware of historical truths fall in their trap for wasting time and effort. It is easy to be manipulated for those who do not bother to study the history of the region. Un-educated unintentionally contribute to a psychological warfare against the Iranian people.

Exhaustive, typically political negotiation during 1971-1973, has lead British government to abandon its claim. Their ambassador to United Nation declared it while world have had listened. Brits never left their weary attempts influencing others to claim dispute on their behalf.

Source: thepersiangulf.org

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