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Hazrat Fatimah was scarified for the sake of justice and right seeking

hazrat fatimah (a.s)

The policy, after the death of her father, was an illogical and aggressive policy was “الغايه تبرر الوسيله”‌ [the end justifies the means]. This is the policy of aggression, setting fire to the door, inserting Fatimah (peace be upon her) between the door and the wall causing miscarriage for her, breaking her side, slapping her in the face in order to make Ali (peace be upon him) submit, usurping the Fadak to impoverish Ali and Fatimah (peace be upon her) and as a result impoverish the whole Muslims.

The policy during Fatimah’s life was the policy of pressure, the economic as well as social pressure, fastening rope around Ali’s neck, keeping the swords ready over his head and asking him for pledge; assailing towards Fatimah’s home, breaking the honor of the Prophet’s household, and degrading the rights of the real human beings…. She had been faced with such a policy, but she continued her campaign and struggles even if it resulted in her death.

Fatimah’s seeking for Justice:

Fatimah (peace be upon her) was just, because she loved the right, and was firm in her way. She shared the chores of the house with Fezeh and regarded equality with her maid servant. She was also just in speech, because she knew justice as the real basis of the stability in the social system.

Throughout her life, she attacked the leaders of oppression and discrimination. She invited the people towards the government of justice.

Fatimah (peace be upon her) was just and seeking for justice. She attacked the bandits of thought and reason, those who had prevented the people from thinking, had destroyed the thought and rationalism, had blocked the people’s real way of thinking, and divested the people of their real rights….

On the way of seeking justice, she had got a special kind of rationality and reasoning in which there was no smell of sensation and prejudice and under its protection, she revealed the real nature of the Caliphs. She was sacrificed for the sake of justice and right seeking. She upraised for her husband, not because that Ali (peace be upon him) was her husband, but due to the fact that he was right, and appointed by Allah, the Almighty. It is believed that even if Ali (peace be upon him) were not Fatimah’s husband, Fatima (peace be upon her) would upraise for him.

Fatimah’s Jihad and Struggle

During her short life, especially in the last three months of her life, Fatima (peace be upon her) had a great jihad, an effective and vital jihad; a jihad which has been unique in the history of women’s lives, and due to this fact, it has been registered in the history. She proved that struggle is not all by sword and arrow. Sometimes, it is aggressive and sometimes, quiet. Sometimes, struggle is achieved by the application of silence, lack of attention, and disagreement, and sometimes by the application of aggression.

She was aware that struggle has damages, and even may result in death. Being aware of these aspects, she accepted the struggle and its resultant damages.

She knew that sometimes the struggles do not achieve the result immediately, but sometimes, the seed of a movement is planted and its fruit will be obtained after decades or even centuries. Therefore, she never gave up and did not evade struggling until she had power in her body. She continued her struggles along with Ali (peace be upon him) and sometimes independently. She argued with the word of logic and defamed them and then proved she was right although she was prohibited from her right.

Fatimah (A.S) and Administering Justice:

She was active in administering justice, and considered it as a responsibility for herself. For administering justice, she made a court of the mosque and brought Abubakr to trial. Although she had been damaged and had lost her father, she argued, made speech, and said to Abubakr, “I will lay the blame on you in the day of resurrection”‌.

She revealed some facts to the people about the injustice of the Caliphs and presented all these discussions and trials when others had no right to present their views, did not dare to speak and did not feel any power in themselves to stand against injustice. Her defense in the Mosque concerning Fadak revealed some facts to the people. Therefore, it sounds necessary to be aware of Fadak issue and its importance.

Taken from: Fatimah (A.S) The Most Paramount Lady of Islam

By Dr. Ali Ghaemi

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