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Financial crisis driving Italians to suicide

financial crisis driving italians to suicide

Italy‘s economic crisis and austerity measures introduced by the government are driving more people to commit suicide.

At least 18 Italian citizens have committed suicide due to economic hardships and high unemployment rate so far this year.

According to ANSA, on Friday, a group representing Italian taxpayers’ rights (Federcontribuenti) requested an investigation into the financially motivated suicides that has happened since the beginning of the year to "find out if those who are supposed to be stopping this social slaughter aren't doing their jobs".

The organization also suggested that the number of suicides much be even higher as some cases are not reported.

Most of the victims are reportedly from the northern parts of the country, regions where small and medium-sized businesses are dominant.

Italy has been grappling with harsh economic crisis for years and has tried to tackle its financial problems by taking some measures such as tax hike and tough austerity measures, which have led to widespread anger across the country.

Source: irib.ir

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