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Brushing teeth in Islam


When people clean their teeth with a toothbrush, it is like they are sending away the sins from their heart by thinking about God. Once one’s heart loses its clearance because of the sins, they should repent and clean it just like they brush their teeth.

Imam Sadiq said, “Brushing the teeth has 12 characteristics. It’s the tradition of Prophet Muhammad, it clears the mouth, improves the eye sight, pleases God, purifies the mouth, cures oral diseases, strengthens the gums, increases the appetite, sends away the phlegm, improves the memory, adds to the virtues, and pleases the angels.”‌

Prophet Muhammad also recommended people to brush their teeth, while he actually meant that they should purify their soul. Those who are wise enough to understand these words, are rewarded by the knowledge of God, and no punishment is more severe than being distanced from God.

Brushing the teeth is one of the pleasant things a Muslim could do and it has been talked about in many different sayings.

Prophet Muhammad said that he would have made it obligatory for the people to brush their teeth if it had not been difficult for them.

It has been recommended to Muslims to brush their teeth especially before they say their prayers, as such a prayer is rewarded much more than one that is said without brushing the teeth.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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