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How to Be at the Service of Imam Mahdi in Our Lives

imam mahdi (a.s)

The best thing we could do at the time of absence of Imam Mahdi is to wait for him to come to us. In order for that, we need to know what the duties of the people who wait for Imam Mahdi are.

The Duties of Those Who are Waiting for Imam Mahdi

We should know that Imam Mahdi loves the Shiites a lot. He loves the Shiites and his lovers more than they love him. Imam Mahdi prays for the Shiites all the time. It is said that he stated, “I never ignore you and I never forget you.”‌

It is important that we try to please Imam Mahdi. That is, we should obey his commands. Many sayings emphasize on the necessity of waiting for Imam Mahdi’s return. We need to keep our spiritual bonds with Imam Mahdi and by obeying his commands and waiting for his return; we should keep ourselves related to him. Therefore, it is important for us to know how a true believer should act while waiting for the return of Imam Mahdi.

Those who are waiting for the return of Imam Mahdi should live like true believers. When people expect someone, this expectation shows in all their behaviors and actions. For instance, if someone is expecting a guest, he cleans the house and gets prepared to be a good host. He wears good clothes and waits for his guest with a welcoming attitude. Such a person could claim that he is expecting someone. But if he has not cleaned the house and has not prepared anything for his guest, and if he is in his casual clothes and is not even thinking about the guest, then if he claims that he is expecting someone, people will just laugh at him, or think that he is lying.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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