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What Are the Most Important Duties of Shiites in the Absence of Imam Mahdi?

(Part 2)

imam mahdi (a.s)

1. To show interest for meeting with Imam Mahdi.

2. To talk about the virtues of Imam Mahdi and taking part in religious classes.

3. To give alms with the intention of Imam Mahdi’s health.

4. To go to Hajj and visiting the holy shrines in behalf of Imam Mahdi.

Those who visit holy places in behalf of Imam Mahdi are actually dedicating their religious practitioners to him.

5. To ask Imam Mahdi for help, as mentioned in some sayings.

Even the great thinkers and Shiite scholars ask Imams for help. According to Late Ameli, when Hazrat Zahra was hit by the door, she was looking for Imam Ali and asking Hazrat Hujjat bin Al-Hassan for help.

6. To Pledge allegiance to Imam Mahdi over and over.

According to some sayings, one should pledge allegiance to Imam Mahdi after saying prayers each time or on every Friday.

Imam Sadiq said, “Anyone who sends peace to Prophet Muhammad and his descendants after saying his prayers, won’t die before seeing and recognizing Imam Mahdi.”‌

7. To keep away from what is prohibited.

People who are truly waiting for Imam Zaman to return, should stay away from the things Imam Mahdi detests and do the things he approves of.

8. To be friends with virtuous people.

Being friends with the lovers of Imam Mahdi makes us closer to Imam and pleases him. More than that, we should try to help the lovers of Imam Mahdi and the believers to solve their problems.

Quran says about the companions of Prophet Muhammad, “Prophet Muhammad and his companions are ruthless with the pagans and very nice to each other.”‌

God also advices people to make friends with honest people.

9. To keep away from the enemies of God and Imams.

Imam Hadi said in Ziarat Jame’e prayers, “I take refuge to God from the enemies of the descendants of Prophet Muhammad.”‌

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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