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What Are the Most Important Duties of Shiites in the Absence of Imam Mahdi?

 (Part 1)

imam mahdi (a.s)

1. To pray for Imam Mahdi and to pray for us to have the honor of meeting him.

This is a point Imams emphasize on. Imam Sadiq taught a prayer to Zarrareh and said, “Say this prayer if you realize the significance of the era of absence of Imam Mahdi.”‌

There are many other prayers too that most Shiites know about.

2. To get to know the attributes and characteristics of Imam Mahdi. Of course lovers need to know about the features of their beloved ones and about their approach and way of life.

There are many different verses and sayings in this regard.

3. To stick to the codes of conduct.

Every creature on the earth should obey Imam Mahdi, as his name is honorable and his memory is full of grace. He is the leader of all and the best person God has created. People get their sustenance because of his existence and he is the source of every kind of perfection.

4. To have love and affection towards Imam Mahdi.

Late Seyyed Abdolkarim Kaffash used to go to Imam Mahdi once a week. He lived in Rey. One day Imam Mahdi asked what he thought would happen if he could not see Imam anymore. Seyyed Abdolkarim said that he would definitely die. Imam Mahdi said, “That is why you could see me.”‌

5. To Make Others Fond of Imam Mahdi.

Naturally, people talk about the things they like and they introduce them to other people, especially if it is about someone like Imam Mahdi.

6. To wait for the Return of Imam Mahdi.

According to Imam Sadiq, “Some of the attributes of Imams are purity, benevolence, and waiting for the return of Imam Mahdi.”‌

Many sayings talk about waiting for Imam Mahdi’s return as one of the most valuable things a believer could do, and according to the messengers of God, when someone dies and he is waiting for the return of Imam Mahdi, he will be treated like people who are martyred when fighting in the army of Imam Mahdi or like those who have fought with the pagans along with Prophet Muhammad.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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