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The Companions of Imam Mahdi

imam mahdi (a.s)

The companions are called ‘Ashab’ in Arabic language which means the group of helpers and comrades and the word has been used in many verses of Qur’an and sayings of Imams with the same meaning.

There are different points about the companions and helpers of Imam Mahdi that we will mention with regards to the related sayings:

How Do the Companions of Imam Mahdi Pledge Allegiance to Him?

After the companions of Imam Mahdi join him, they pledge allegiance to him to show their loyalty and faithfulness to Imam Mahdi. Some of the vows they need to take are; bravery in the battlefield, staying away from what is unlawful and prohibited like theft, greed, usury, demolishing the mosques, lust, drinking alcohol, lavishness, humiliating the believers, chasing the runaway people, unfair murder, giving alms to the betrayers and to the pagans, wrongdoings, etc. More than that, Imam Mahdi wants his companions to be strong in hardships and invite others to what is honorable and deny from them what is prohibited. The companions will accept the terms of condition and they will kiss Imam Mahdi on cheeks.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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