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The Divine Source of Human Rights (Part 1)

the holy qur’an

Human Rights have a divine source. There are some bases that prove this point:

1. Each person’s rights towards another person or another thing depend on their ownership on that person or on that thing. In other words, rights have their roots in ownership and there is no other sensible way to prove this.

2. Real ownership belongs to God only; because He is the one who has created the world and no other creature has any rights in regards to God. This is because no creature has given anything to God and has not done Him any favors.

Therefore, because human beings have nothing of their own, no rights could have their roots in human nature, and according to this logic, every right originates from God only.

More than that, human tendencies could be controlled only when we consider human beings responsible and committed in regards to other people’s rights, in a way that they think of it as their duty to have respect for the rights of others; and the only one who is qualified to appoint people as responsible for that duty is God, upon whom the existence of everything and everyone depends. Only upon Him, and no one and nothing else, as they are all creatures of God like human beings.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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