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What Obliges People to Have Respect for the Rights of Others? (Part 1)

human rights for all

An Islamic View vs. A Non-Religious View

The concepts of mankind and every human individual are universal concepts. Human Rights should not discriminate among people and they should consider all human beings as the same.

There are two ways to gain this purpose. One was talked about in the International Declaration of Human Rights, and the other one was mentioned by Islam.

The Islamic Declaration of Human Rights tries to attribute the basic rights to all human beings by omitting every extra feature of individuals, other than their humanity.

The first article of this declaration states, “All human beings are born free and they are equal in terms of grace and honor.”‌

Therefore, the point emphasized in this article is a common point among all human beings, and that is “being born”‌. The creation of human being is not talked about in this statement, so that the material and divine viewpoints are not cases for differences, either. The authors of this declaration have ignored the divine source of human creation, in order to relate to all human beings, whether religious or not. But they have ignored the point that Human Rights Declaration loses its obligatory and rightful resource with this view.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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