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Get Rid Of Restless Sleep

get rid of restless sleep

Unlike many specific diseases, illnesses and medical conditions, restless sleep may have a number of different causes. It is difficult to get rid of restless sleep unless you find out exactly what is causing the difficulty. But the time and effort to find the source of the problem will be worth it. So will the changes made in lifestyle and diet.

One of the first things you can do to give yourself a better night’s rest is give up caffeine. If you drink a lot of tea, coffee or soft drinks during the day and have trouble relaxing or sleeping at night, you may have to make a major change in your caffeine intake. Caffeine stimulates the nervous system. Smaller amounts of this early in the day might be OK but it would be best to reduce or eliminate caffeine consumption through the day.

In addition to the problems with relaxing and lying still, caffeine drinks can cause you to awake during the night to use the bathroom. Even if you are able to fall asleep you may find your sleep interrupted by bathroom breaks.

Meals, Snacks

If you have a habit of eating large meals in the evening or adding to your food intake with a late-night snack it may be necessary to change those habits. Large meals and late-night snacks usually cause the body to remain active. In addition, your stomach doesn’t rest and you may experience indigestion. It might be best to eat smaller meals in the afternoon and evening, in addition to cutting out evening snacks.

Apart from foods and drinks that can cause you to toss and turn or lie awake your evening and night activities have a strong effect on how you rest. When we are physically active our bodies produce adrenaline. This natural process works to inhibit resting, as our body is energized. It might be wise to slow down a couple of hours before it’s time for bed. Relax, read and listen to some soft music. Late night exercise might be the cause of sleep difficulties.

Mental State

In addition to these obvious physical causes for restless sleep you might give some thought to your other evening and night habits. If you watch late-night television and most of the programs are high-energy shows or filled with action and violence you may be causing yourself some sleep problems. Your mind needs to slow down and relax as much as your body does.

If you find that you are more likely to sleep during the day or early evening you may have to change some habits so that your biological clock will “reset.”‌ This will take some time and effort but the results should be worth it. Read a boring book, listen to relaxing music and don’t take naps. This should help you feel tired and more like sleeping when the time comes. If you have tried some of these techniques and changes and still don’t sleep through the night you may have to consult with a medical professional to see if there are more serious problems that need to be addressed.

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