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Who will rule the heaven?


You might think that in order to get to this position we need to go through difficult practitioners and religious rituals. But according to Imam Baqir, it is not that difficult, “God said to Muses, ‘I truly have servants to whom I will grant the Heaven and I will make them the leaders of Heaven.’ Muses asked who they were and God said, ‘People who make believers happy.’”‌ One of the most valuable things we could do is to make believers happy.

Imam Baqir said, “The best deed for God is to make a believer happy.”‌

This does not mean just to make a believer smile. It actually has a more comprehensive significance.

To make people happy means to help them solve their problems as well as to make them smile.

If we have this ability to help our brothers and sisters solve their problems, by the use of the power and facilities God has granted to us and to make them happy this way, we will be greatly rewarded by God.

Imam Sadiq said, “One of the greatest things each person could do is to make believers happy.

 This could be accomplished by feeding a hungry person, by helping him solve his problems, or by paying his debts.”‌

It is not difficult to get to a position that we become the rulers of the Heaven. Only by helping people and by making them happy we could secure our position in Heaven.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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