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The Sunni and Western Point of View towards Imam Hussein and His Battle

imam hussein (a.s)

The Sunni Point of View towards Imam Hussein and Mourning for Him

All Sunni scholars have reproached what Yazid did, and they give the right to Imam Hussein. They have no problem with mourning for Imam Hussein. What differentiates them from Shiites in this matter, is the different ways they have for mourning for Imam Hussein. The difference is that, Shiites hold this ceremony very seriously, but Sunnis have a more casual attitude towards it.

There are four different schools of thought among Sunnis; Hanafi School, Maliki School, Shafi'i school, and Hanbali School. People belonging to all four sects care a lot about the love of Prophet Muhammad, and as Prophet Muhammad said in a Hadith that was his friend the one who was friends with Hussein and was his enemy the one who was the enemy of Hussein, they all have a good relationship with Imam Hussein. There are many sayings by the scholars of each of these four sects that support Imam Hussein’s battle of Karbala and reproach Yazid. When Wahhabism came to power, some conflicts happened among the followers of Hanbali School and the ceremony of Ashura has ended with violence sometimes.

The Effects of the Battle of Ashura on Non-Muslims

The mourning of Ashura has not only affected the Sunnis, but also it has affected the Hindus, Christians, and Buddhists; it has started different battles against cruel rulers in different times.

Many non-Muslim figures have praised Imam Hussein and his battle. Some of them are; Mahatma Gandhi (the great leader of the Indian revolution), Professor Edward Brown, Washington Irving, Tomáإ، Masaryc, the French Dr. Joseph, George Jordan (the Christian scholar), Antoine Parra (the Christian thinker), Frederick James, Charles Dickens (the famous English writer), Thomas Carlyle (the English poet), and Maurice‏ Dekobra.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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