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The Station of the Clergy and the Theological Centers

(Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini)


o The clergy has no aim other than improvement of the nation's condition

     and the maintenance of the country's independence.

o The clergy are the father of the nation and have affection to their children. o What the clergy want is the implementation of the Islamic laws.

o If Islamic sciences did not have specialists, no traces of the religion could

     be found now. And if the .specialists are no more after this, this great dam

     before the aliens will be destroyed and the way for the colonizers to enter

will be thrown wide open.

o   If the dear fuqaha were not present none could know what knowledge or

sciences would be forced down the people's throats in the name of Qur'anic knowledge and the knowledge of the Prophet's progeny [Ahl alBayt].]

o   Islam minus the clergy equals medical sciences minus the physicians.

o These (the clergy) are the manifestations of Islam, the promulgators of the

     Qur'an, and the manifestations of the Noble Prophet.

o The clergy, who are educators of mankind, have sat in the places of

      prophets and are appointed by them.

o   Without a doubt the theological centers and the dedicated 'ulama' have,

during the history of Islam and Shi'ism. been the most important and solid base of Islam vis-a-vis attacks, perversions and deviations.

o There are clergymen who, on the basis of their understanding of Islam,

     have always been pioneers in the social movements and political struggles.

o The combatant Muslim 'ulama' have always been targets for the poisoned

     arrows of the world-devourers, the first shots of any such incident has

     always been aimed at their hearts.

o   Pride and honor are due to the martyrs of the theological centers and the

'ulama' who, at the height of the struggle, severed the ties of classroom lessons and arguments and removed the shackle of worldly demands from the truth of knowledge and thus, care free, they joined the reception of the dwellers of heaven and sang songs in their circles.

Those who have enjoyed the recitation circle of the mystics, the pre-dawn

      prayers of supplicants in the theological centers and of the clergy, in the

      ecstasy of their presence saw nothing but desire for martyrdom.

o Greetings to the eternal epic-makers of the clergy who penned their

     academic and practical treatises by the "blood of martyrdom" and the "ink

     of blood" and on the pulpit of guidance, sermon and lecture to the people,

created night-penetrating luster by the candle of their life-light.

o The clergy is a great force with the loss of which, God forbid, the pillars

     of Islam may crumble down and the enemy's power remain uncontested.

o Do not lose the power which is the clergy as it is the divine might. o Islam has reached this point by the effort of the clergy.

o   I testify, most assuredly, that if persons other than the clergy were guiding

the Revolution's movements and decisions, today nothing would have been left for us except shame and humiliation vis-a-vis America and the world-devourers as well as abandonment of all the Islamic and revolutionary beliefs.

o   In any divine and popular movement, the 'ulama' of Islam have been the

irst to feel the blood of martyrdom painted on their brows.

o   Which popular-Islamic revolution can we name in the conduct of which

the theological centers and the clergy had not been the pioneers and had not gone to the gallows, and whose sacred mutilated bodies on street pavements had not bore witness to their earliest martyrdom?

o   The people's attention cannot be drawn to a thing except by the act of the

clergy. Whatsoever was gained in the course of history came by the acts of the clergy and the people. Whenever these two elements were excluded from the scenes, the result was always corruption.

o   It can be taken for granted that in any invitation to defend the truth, there

is no expectation except that the true clergy of Islam and Shi'ism should be the first to offer sacifices of their lives the people's struggle, and thus the seal of their books                   (of deeds) is


o The clergy have always been opposed to the power-wielders.

o The dedicated clergy thirsts for the blood of leech-like capitalists and has

      not had nor will ever have the inclination to compromise with them.

o Let the honorable people of Iran know that any propaganda levied against

      the clergy is aimed at destroying the revolutionary clergy.

o The aim of foreigners is [to destroy] the Qur'an and the clergy.

o The "crime" of the Muslim 'ulama' and other Muslims is that they defend

     the Qur'an, the integrity of Islam and the independence of the country, and

     that they are opposed to colonialism.

o In the absence of the clergy, none can preserve Islam. o The defeat of the clergy is the defeat of Islam!

o If the clergy are broken up, Islam is broken up!

o If the clergy are beaten, the Islamic Republic is beaten. o You cannot reform your country without the clergy.

o Islam minus the akftund1 and the clergy means that we do not want Islam.

o It is up to the younger classes to try to preserve the clergy and the

     esteemed clergymen.

o Do all possible to preserve the link between your Islam and the clergy.

o Islam needs the 'ulama' to the end for without them Islam will be


Akhund: a word of uncertain etymology that originally denoted a scholar of unusual attainment, but was later applied to lesser-ranking scholars, and Ihen acquired a pejorative connotation, particularly in secularist usage. [Ed.J


o It is incumbent on the nation to follow the clergy and disregard the

     propaganda that is levied against them.

o The theological centers are part of the society and the people. o If the theological centers are reformed, Iran will be reformed.

o Many arc those who claim excellence, jihad, bravery, and dedication to

     the truth and religion but few are those that possess excellence, crusading

     spirit, and dedication to the truth and religion.

o At a time when pens were broken, voices silenced and throats gripped, he

     (Ayatullah Mudaris)1 never ceased from revealing the truth and

     abolishing falsehood.

MutahharT,1 whom few could match in purity of spirit, strength of faith

     and power of speech, went and joined High Heavens. But, let the ill-

     wishers know that his Islamic, scientific and philosophical personality will

not part (with us).

o The martyrdom of this worthy, eternally learned son (MutahharT) has

created a dent in the dear Islam that nothing can mend.

o MutahharT was a dear son to me, a solid backing for the scientific and

      theological centers, and a useful servant to the nation and the country.

o I have lost a very dear son (MutahharT) and mourn for his loss. He was one

     of the personalities who are the fruits of my life.

o I congratulate Islam, the man's grand educator, and the Islamic ummah,

     for rearing and cultivating such sons who, by their radiant lights enliven

     the "dead" and brighten all darkness.

If you think you can find in the entire world one man among all

     presidents, kings, etc. as dedicated as Mr. Khamene'T1 to Islam and whose

     heart beats with love of service to this nation, you certainly cannot.

o Qum is a city in which faith, knowledge and piety are nurtured.

o From Qum knowledge has been and will be exported to the entire world.

o Qum is the sanctuary of the Ahl al-Bayt. It is the center of knowledge,

      piety, martyrdom, and courage.

Source: 'Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini" book 

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