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The Yemeni Uprising

imam mahdi (a.s)

According to the sayings of Imams, the Yemeni flag is the flag to be used in the battle against the enemies of Imam Mahdi.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), commenting on people of Yemen, said: “They are kind hearted people and good believers, and the “helper”‌ will come from among them. He will start a fight with seventy thousand soldiers and he will assist my heir.”‌

The Importance of the Yemeni Battle

A battle in Yemen at the end times, right before the reappearance of Imam Mahdi, has been mentioned in the sayings of Imams. This battle is aimed to help Imam Mahdi and to make the world ready for his reappearance. According to different and authentic documents, this battle will definitely happen and different Imams considered this battle as one of the five signs of reappearance of Imam Mahdi.

Here are some of those sayings:

A) A sign of reappearance of Imam Mahdi: Imam Sadiq said, “Before Imam Mahdi’s battle, five events will unfold, the rise of Yemeni, the rise of Sefiani, a call from the sky, the death of Nafs Zakiyyeh, and sinking into Bida’.

B) The outbreak of the two battles of Sefiani and Khorasani at the same time: Imam Reza said, “The rise of Sefiani, Yemeni, and Khorasani will be at the same year, month, and day. Trouble will rise from every direction. Woe to those who try to resist them!”‌

C) The guiding flags: Imam Sadiq said, “Among all the flags, there is no flag more guiding than the flag of Yemeni, because it is the flag of righteousness and it calls you upon your true leaders.”‌

D) No one should disobey: Imam Sadiq said, “When the battle of Yemeni outbreaks, it is prohibited to sell arms. So, go to him, as his flag is the flag that guides you. No Muslim should disobey him and if someone does, he will be burnt in the Hell; because the Yemeni flag will be inviting people to the right path.”‌

E) Yemeni, the follower of Imam Ali: After the rise of Talib Haq someone asked Imam Sadiq if he probably was Yemeni. Imam Sadiq said, “No, because Yemeni is a follower of Imam Ali. While this person is opposed to Ali.”‌

Who is Yemeni? 

Complicated features have been mentioned about the leader of the Yemeni Battle and there are different sayings about his name. Some believe that his name is ‘Hassan’ or ‘Hussein’, some other believe that he is called ‘Saeed’ or ‘Nasr’.

Prophet Muhammad said that he was called ‘Nasr’ because he would come to help God.

Some others believe that his name is ‘Mansour’, as he will help the battle of Imam Mahdi.

About the Battle of Yemeni

 A) The time and Place of the Battle: There are two types of sayings in this regard. The common point is the Battle of Sefiani. The first group of sayings believe that this battle will occur before the Battle of Sefiani and the second group believe that it will happen at the same time as Imam Mahdi’s battle.

In regards to the place of the battle, places like San’a, Aden, Kandeh, and the Abin region have been mentioned. Both Shias and Sunnis have mentioned San’a.

B) The Shape and Color of the Flag of Yemeni: The shape and colors of the flags that are going to be used in the battles in the end times have been mentioned, so that people won’t make a mistake in recognizing these battles and their leaders. For example, the Iranian fighter (Khorasani) will have a black flag.

Imam Sadiq said, “Yemeni will rise with a white flag.”‌

C) The Aims and the Phases of the Battle of Yemeni: The battle of Yemeni has different phases:

1. Military alliance with the battle of Khorasani.

2. Inviting people to the religion of Prophet Muhammad: Imam Sadiq said, “When Yemeni rises, go to him. No Muslim should fight against him, or he would be burnt in the Hell, because he will rise to invite people to the right path.”‌

3. Helping the revolution of Imam Mahdi and calling upon people to assist him: The flag of Yemeni is actually one of the flags of Imam Mahdi’s followers.

D) Alliance of Yemeni and Khorasani: According to Imam Ali, “Sefiani will end up acting like the previous oppressors. God will call upon a young man from the Orient to fight against him. This man carries a black flag. With the grace of God, he will be victorious and will defeat everyone. Then the army of Yemeni enters. The young man of Yemen is after killing Sefiani. They get to Damascus and they conquer it in a blink of an eye.”‌

E) Alliance of Yemeni with Imam Mahdi’s Army: After a few months from the Battle of Yemeni, Yemeni goes to Hejaz and will join Imam Mahdi’s followers after his reappearance.

F) Leaving Medina with Imam Mahdi: When Sefiani sends an army to arrest Imam Mahdi, Yemeni goes to Mecca with Imam Mahdi. According to Irtat, “Then Mahdi and Mansour leave Medina and Sefiani sends an army to arrest them. When Mahdi and Mansour get to Mecca, the army of Sefiani enters Bida’ and it is sunk in the earth. Then Mahdi gets out to leave Medina.”‌

G) The Result of the Battle of Yemeni: Sefiani, Imam Mahdi’s chief enemy, and Yamani will get into a fight. There are no sayings about the defeat of Yemeni.

About the result of the Battle of Yemeni, or Mansour, Imam Sadiq said, “Sefiani defeats everyone he fights with, except Yemeni. Anyway, he starts a fight against Yemeni and the latter stands up at him. After numerous and hard battles, Sefiani will lose and Yemeni will chase him. Yemeni finally finds Sefiani and his son among the captives and kills them.”‌

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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