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Knowledge and the Knowledgeable

(Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini)


o Real knowledge is the light of guidance of the heaven and the straight path

     of proximity to God and the Door of His generosity.

o Knowledge that begins with the name of God has the light of guidance.

o The bastion of knowledge, too, is a defense bastion””defense of the entire

      Islamic culture.

o Life under the umbrella of knowledge and awareness is so sweet, and

     intimacy with books, pens and similar treasures provide such memorable

     and lasting recollections that overshadow all failings and bitterness.

o If our country acquires knowledge and culture, and learn how to direct

      knowledge and action, no power can rule over it.

o Man needs knowledge as well as training and education to the end of his

     life. No man can be needless of both knowledge, and training and


o The language of the Qur'an has great praise for knowledge which is

      accompanied by piety.

o Knowledge and piety constitute together the criterion of values.

o   Knowledge and performance; knowledge and commitment are the two

wings that can soar together to the highest stage of progress and excellence.

o   A man who has both knowledge and piety is happy both here and in the


o   Knowledge alone, if not harmful, will not be fruitful.

o   If you or I think that knowledge in any form is the source of prosperity,

this is untrue.

o   Knowledge in a corrupt heart or in a corrupt mind””in terms of morality””

will cause losses much greater than that of ignorance.

o   Woe unto the seeker of knowledge to whose heart the knowledge brought

annoyance and darkness!

o   Know that if the 'Slim [knowledgeable, scholar], regardless of who he is,

has not been Islamically purified and does not possess Islamic ethics, he will be harmful to Islam; not beneficial.

o   If the 'Slim has not been puified, he is not beneficial and will be harmful

to himself, his country, his nation, and Islam even though he may know Islamic decrees and monotheism.

o If the "court-preachers" allow and do not disrupt our unity, God willing,

     we shall triumph; so will the Muslim governments and countries.

o The evil of a corrupt but learned man is more serious and dangerous to

      Islam than all other evils.

o A corrupt 'alim corrupts the world.

o Many are the learned, highly learned men, who frequently harm the

     country and Islam because they lack Islamic training.

o Let our learned men, our university professors and our youth not fear the

     West; rather, determine to ise up and challenge it!

o As long as man wants to continue life under the cover of tanks and

     machineguns, he cannot be human, or attain human goals. When pens

     triumph over machineguns and man's knowledge reach a stage to put

aside the machineguns, and knowledge and pens occupy the arenas, then the people will attain the Islamic and human aims and will achieve the utmost in knowledge.

Source: 'Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini" book 

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