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War and Defense



o At the time of danger that nation survives with honor which has the

      necessary fighting readiness.

o We are fighting men; surrender is meaningless to a Muslim.

o The struggles of our country are ideological and jihad for the sake of the

      faith knows no defeat.

o We must move ahead with power and forcefully resist against all those

     who want to transgress us.

o We say, "As long as shirk and kufr exist, resistance will exist and as long

     as resistance exists, we do exist."

o It is only in hardships and troubled times and when telling the truth against

     evil forces is the issue, that pretending braggarts and hypocites can be

     distinguished from the quiet, dedicated, sincere, and self-sacrificing


o Military force and modern weapons cannot resist against the revolutionary

     and holy wrath of the nations.

o If pious commanders are in charge, the enemies will never be able to carry

      out a coup d'etat or occupy a country, and if perchance it occurs, it will be

      frustrated and broken up by the hands of the dedicated commanders.

o The war waged by Islam has never been aimed at conquest of lands; Islam

     has always wanted to mold human beings.

o Remembrance of the sacrifices and struggles of the early Muslim mujahids

      will keep Islam alive, not only now but forever!

o At the battlefield do not fear the inadequacy of numbers or fear

      martyrdom. Man must tolerate hardships in proportion to the grandeur of

      his aim and ideal.

o That religion which lacks war is deficient.

o Do not scare us by the troops you bing in; we shall bury them.

o We fight until our last warrior attains martyrdom for our beloved

      homeland; our victory is certain.

o Those who imagine that fighting for independence and freedom of the

      world's oppressed and deprived does not negate capitalism and seeking

      affluence are not familiar with the alphabet of struggle.

o God has decreed for us the duty of fighting these opponents of Islam and

      the Islamic nation.

o We stand to the last breath!

o Our obligation is to stand up against tyranny.

o Defense of the Islamic country and defense of virtues of the Muslims are

     divine duties incumbent on all of us.

o Defense is a definite right that Islam and others accord to mankind. o Beware of underestimating an enemy.

o By trust in God, the Omnipotent, arm yourselves with weapon and prayer

     for God Almighty is with you.

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