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Martyr Madani offensive operation (September 18th, 1981)


Islamic republic of Iran's army 16th armor division personnel failed to advance in Tarrah operation which caused the southern  flank of 92nd armor division to become under enemy's observation fire, and it's movements be discovered by the enemy and a considerable casualties were inflicted on the division’s third brigade units.

For this reason, 92nd armor division requested the army to order 16th armor division on southern bank of Karkheh river to advance up to Sableh bridge in order to keep the division away from enemy's  observation and direct fire and foil its impending  threat against the southern flank. Despite the 16th armor division reports  indicating not to be ready to perform  operation, combat power reduction, artillery  ammunition shortage and the extensiveness of the assigned battlefront, the foremost headquarter of Iranian army announced that the performance of the assigned mission was necessary.  Therefore, "martyr Madani" operation plan was prepared and implemented at two stages. This operation was accomplished on September 18th, 1981 for three days and was notably successful.

This operation was the major move made by Iran at the end of September, 1981 for suppressing the enemy. Right one year after the enemy’s widespread aggression, Iran got thoroughly prepared for making an extensive operation and repelling the enemy from Islamic land.


-Some 80 square kilometers from Karkheh-koor occupied lands and some parts of Susangerd were liberated and the ground was prepared for liberating Bostan.

-More than 500 soldiers of the enemy personnel were killed and wounded and 95 were taken captive.

-A considerable number of tanks, personnel carriers and ammunition depots were destroyed.

-Some vehicles, individual and team weaponries and a great deal of equipment were confiscated by Iranian forces.


Atlas of Unforgettable Battles (Ground forces operations in eight years of holy defense)

Compilation: Staff Colonel Mojtaba Jafari

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