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Bazideraz offensive operation (2) (September 3rd, 1981)


 Following considerable movements by Iranian forces during the first half of 1981 and before the first anniversary of enemy’s aggression against south and northwest regions of the country, it seemed necessary to take a proper step in the west region. Based on these developments and because of relative success achieved at the first phase of Bazideraz operation on April 22nd, 1981, the foremost headquarter of army carefully planned second phase of Bazideraz operation and performed it.

Apart from liberating the country's west regions, which were objectives of the operations, the enemy's concentration on South area worried Iran about the continuation of enemy's attack and it was an obstacle to main success and the liberation of occupied lands.

Even being aware of any measure failure, it was necessary to plan a limited operation to be accomplished in the area for drawing enemy's attention. The second phase of Bazideraz operation was designed and preformed.

Although it didn't culminate in complete success, Iraqi commando forces of the 32nd brigade which was busy training and practicing in Baghdad to cross Bahmanshir for capturing Abadan was deployed in the west area of country by Iraqi head command; as a Result, Abadan was prevented from being occupied and the way was paved for raising the Abadan’s siege. Some days before this operation Major general Alidad Hemati’s life was attempted in his car by (M.K.O) terrorists and suffered martyrdom.


-On the first and second days of operation, Gharaviz, Shirin ab and Darbloot heights were captured, but on August sixth & seventh due to the enemy's extraordinary pressure and implementation of five counterattacks, friendly forces returned to their pre-attack positions.

-1000 Iraqi soldiers were killed and wounded, 79 others were taken captive as a Result of the destruction of troops from 3rd and 39th infantry mountain brigades and the 32nd brigade of commando forces.

-Aforementioned units’ equipment was destroyed.


Atlas of Unforgettable Battles (Ground forces operations in eight years of holy defense)

Compilation: Staff Colonel Mojtaba Jafari

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