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Tarrah offensive operation (July27th, 1981)

iran-iraq war, soldiers

Following the accomplishment of Nasr action and another offensive Operation in December, 1980 in the west of Susangerd region and Allah-o-Akbar operation performed by army 16th armor division in Susangerd local area, 55th airborne brigade was transferred to the west of Malekiyeh river and occupied new positions.

Army foremost headquarter in a strike operational plan had assigned the 16th armor division to cleanse the enemy from north of Karkheh koor, continue the attack on west of Susangerd and repel Iraqis back to international borders.

Making an assault on June 10th, 1981, 16th armor division liberated Ahmir and Bardiyeh villages, but couldn't remove the six-kilometer distance between the two lines, north of 92nd armor division and its own position.

It’s necessary to be mentioned that martyr Chamran’s irregular militant group without coordinating with 16th and 92nd armor divisions on June 1 1th, 1981 crossed the northern part of Karkheh river and attacked the enemy and liberated Dehlavieh, but couldn't maintain it and finally supported by55th airborne   brigade   withdrew   and deployed around 300 meters away from the city.  Many days    after   this operation, Dr Mostafa Chamran was granted martyrdom in the area.

Following aforementioned developments, 16th armor division in collaboration with the army air force,

Chamran’s militant group, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps while being supported by artillery fire and army Aviation launched the Tarrah operation on July 11 th, 1981. Tarrah operation was a very heavy one which was conducted with extraordinary coordination and was a basis for joint combination of Iranian forces to accomplish large scale operations against Iraq in future. Major General Hussein Shahram far, one of the army's brave commanders was granted martyrdom in this operation.


-Friendly units managed to seize the enemy's last ditch on north of Karkheh koor.

-Many Iraqis were either killed or wounded the number of whom is not known .and 65 enemy troops were captured.

-A large quantity of weapons and equipment were destroyed and some confiscated.


Atlas of Unforgettable Battles (Ground forces operations in eight years of holy defense)

Compilation: Staff Colonel Mojtaba Jafari

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