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Imam Khomeini commander-in-chief offensive operation (June 11th, 1981)

imam khomeini

After operations in Shush region, there was no considerable movement in southern front. Most of Iranian commanders' time was spent for evaluation of the operational areas to find a solution for accomplishing a notable operation. Among existing axes, Abadan's axis and its siege was of special importance.

Continuation of this state of siege and the possibility of Abadan collapse could endanger Mahshahr and Imam Khomeini ports. High ranking officials, military and political figures were very much concerned about this situation which finally led to the issue of historical order of Imam Khomeini who commanded "Abadan siege must be raised."

For implementation of this order, measures were taken to repel enemy to the west of Karun. Although these steps were aborted, they limited the beachhead captured by Iraq on the cast of Karun and hindered Iraqi attack towards Abadan and rendered it disable to expand its defensive positions.

Iran's army operational headquarter had the serious and active implementation of limited attacks on its agenda. One of these attacks followed by delivering the Arvand headquarter responsibility to 77th infantry division of IR1 army which was previously controlled by Gendermerie forces.

The plan of this operation was prepared by Islamic revolutionary Guard Corps in Darkhovein region and after being confirmed by army headquarter, it was coordinated with 77th division and was successfully accomplished in June, 1981 Resulting in achieving the pre-determined objectives.

This operation was done simultaneously with the first Iranian president Aboul Hassan Banisadr being ousted from commander-in-chief position.


- All assigned objectives were captured and secured and the enemy withdrew around three kilometers.

-Three enemy's battalions were completely destroyed.

-More than 200 Iraqi soldiers were killed or wounded and298 others were taken captive.

-12 tanks and three personnel carriers were destroyed.

-15 tanks and personnel carriers were confiscated.


Atlas of Unforgettable Battles (Ground forces operations in eight years of holy defense)

Compilation: Staff Colonel Mojtaba Jafari

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