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Victory and Its Factors

(Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini)


o Faith and the unity of expression was the secret behind your victory.

o   With faith in God and the unity of expression the combatant Iranian nation overwhelmed the great satanic power which was supported by all other powers, and severed the hands of all superpowers from its homeland.

o   Faith in God and the unity of expression made it possible for you to

eliminate the superpowers.

o   The secret that made you victorious was belief in God and being mindful

of Him.

o   Faith in God, faith in the Islamic principles made you victorious.

o   We succeeded because of our power of faith that made everyone of us in

all strata cry out for Islam, not because of number or figure.

o   We should understand "why" we succeeded. Once we understand this

"why," we should then try to preserve the thing that made us succeed.

o   Attention to Almighty God and guarding Islam were the secrets of our


o   The cry of "Allahu akbar" [God is the greatest] made us victoious; our

weapon today is the same. The unity of expression made us victorious; our weapon today is the same.

o It was by the divine grace that you triumphed without having organization

     or arms and equipment over great powers.

o   Preserve your attention to God so as to remain victorious.

o   This is the divine hand of God that shelters you and His favor that is

bestowed upon you. Appreciate and preserve them if you wish to remain victorious in all stages.

o   Preservation of victory is more difficult than achieving it.

o Many victories have been lost because the people were infirm and lacked


o   Our nation was able to advance this movement by its reliance on Islam.

o   My brothers, it was by reliance on faith and Islam that we succeeded.

o   By Islamic conduct and behavior, preserve the power that has made you


o   A divine purpose leads to victory.

o   A community that has God as its backing does not face defeat.

o   If a nation rises up by the power of faith, no other power can stand up

against it.

o We want to demonstrate to the world that prominent powers, too, can be

beaten by the strength of faith.

o   As long as we are in the path of God. we are victorious.

o   Victory is brought not by the sword but by blood.

o   With empty hands we overcame the extraordinary power which was

backed by all other forces.

o   We are the truth and the truth overcomes falsehood.

o   You are the truth standing up against falsehood. It requires perseverance in

order to achieve ultimate victory.

o The country, whose people of all strata are so ready for self-sacrifice, is

     surely victorious.

o You are the truth opposing falsehood and truth always wins.

o   It is not true that we fear defeat. In the first place we will not be defeated

because God is with us. Secondly, assuming we suffer a superficial or external defeat, we shall not face "spiritual defeat" for spiritual victory belongs to Islam and the Muslims.

o   We fear nothing for we are the truth. When we are the truth if we triumph,

we are the truth and if we lose still we are the truth.

o   If the whole world rise up against us and destroy us, still we are victorious.

o   He who is with God. God is with him and victor)' belongs to him.

o   You are victorious because God is with you.

o You are victorious because you are backed by Islam.

o   May you endure for you are victorious.

o   Shortage of number does not cause weakness when spiritual strength. commitment and solidarity are at work.

o   Victory is yours when you are favored by God and not when you conquer a country.

o   As long as your morale is directed to that Source of Power, you are victorious; do not part with it.

o This victory came to our Revolution by the blessings of Islam, by

      inclination toward Islam and by the cry of "Allahu akbar"\

o This victory had nothing to do with me; I'm just a seminarian and this

      must not be attributed to me. The victory had even nothing to do with the

      nation; it was related to God.

o Long live the highly dignified and honored banner of "Allahu akbar'

      which is the secret of the miraculous victory of the great Iranian nation!

o The victory of the Revolution is owed to the entire nation.

o Preservation of a victory is harder than achieving one.

o Final and ultimate victory comes about when Islam, in all its dimensions

      and with all its decrees, is implemented in Iran and a great victory is that

      Islam become sovereign all over the world. Islam is the key to the

happiness of mankind.

Source: 'Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini" book 

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