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The Islamic Revolution

Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini


o Content-wise, this Revolution has been the best and the greatest.


o Our great Islamic Revolution is first and foremost a moral-spiritual

      revolution before being a socio-political one.


o Know that a revolution as good as the Revolution of Iran had not taken place before.


o Our people's Revolution is a revolution based upon the people; thus, the people are not supposed to complain about their own revolution.


o Iran preserved its Revolution by the hand of the faithful and it is advancing by the same hands even now.


o Our enemies must know that no other revolution in the world has been able to achieve so much at so little a cost as that of the Islamic Revolution of Iran and this can only be attributed to the blessings of Islam.


o The uprising of you, Iranian youth; the uprising of you, Iranian nation, which was a divine uprising and a divine movement, revived the Qur'an and Islam.


o Let us devotionally guard the Islamic Revolution, and in continuation of this cheished school, which is the deliverance of the oppressed and the suppression of the arrogant, let us be watchful of our carnal desires which are the legacy of Satan.


o   So far you cannot find a revolution with so much gain at such little cost as the Iranian Revolution.


o   Revolution is like a child: it must be reared and trained. It needs nursing.


o   Our nation must be determined not to lose that which it has gained.


o   Our sacred Islamic movement has put an end the life of the pillagers and dictators in Iran.


o   In the path of a revolution and for its victory, offering sacrifices and being sacrificed are inevitable especially a revolution that is staged for God. for religion and the deliverance of the oppressed.


o   You stand up against those who seek to portray this Islamic Revolution contrary to what it is. State your truth as it is and promote it until, God willing, truth is established in all Muslim lands and falsehood gradually perished. God willing, from all the Muslim countries, nay in all the countries of the world.


o   Advance in this movement and do not ever let despair overtake you, for to despair is of the army of Satan.


o   Efforts must be made to prevent the '"newcomers" and those who "trade faith for pelf" from marring the bright eradicating and poverty-fighting countenance of our Revolution.


o   You made a Revolution and smashed an obstacle the like of which has been rare or non-existent in the world.


o We want to export our Revolution, not by the sword; rather, by publicity and propagation.


o The people of Iran demonstrated their ability to withstand hunger and thirst but they shall never tolerate the defeat of the Revolution or blows to its principles. 


o Let our authorities not reject, by baseless excuses, the true patrons of the Revolution and replace them with the heirs of former regime and those mentally affiliated with them.


o Sacrifice for a great revolution is a sign of victory and nearness to the objective.


o I, on my part, have no worries about the Revolution as it has found its path, is advancing and is not dependent on any individual.


o Whether I am among you or not my advice to all of you is this: Do not let

      the Revolution fall in the hands of the unworthy, aberrant persons.


o As long as Ameica has not gone away and the hands of these

     superpowers have not been taken off our country, our movement shall

     continue and so shall our cries, and we shall continue our task, and God

willing, we shall succeed.


o We were abject slaves of America but Iran broke off this servile condition

     and found dignity.


o The transformation of our nation from a position of fear to one of strength

      was a divine transformation.


o A divine Hand was behind this nation!


o Our nation had not isen up for its belly; it had not risen up for such base

      and degenerate matters.


o This movement differs from other movements in that it is a national and

      Islamic one.


o The sacred Iranian movement is an Islamic movement, and for this reason,

     it is natural that all Muslims of the world be influenced by it.

Source: 'Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini" book 

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