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Arise, O Mustad'ajtn [Downtrodden]!

(Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini)


o O downtrodden people of the world! Arise and be united together; drive out the oppressors from the scene as the earth belongs to God and the oppressed are His inheritors.


o   Behold O Muslims of the world, O the downtrodden ones! Arise, join hands in unity, defend Islam and your destinies, and do not fear the rigmarole of the power-wielders.


o   Behold O Muslims and downtrodden people of the world! Aise and take your fates in your own hands. How long will you sit and let Washington or Moscow determine your destinies?


o   If the downtrodden people want to have an honorable human existence, they must all join hands and put a limit to the power of those who enjoy the veto power!


o   You downtrodden ones, you Muslims and Muslim counties of the world! Aise and take your ights through tooth and nail.


o   Behold O the downtrodden people of the world! Rise up against the arrogant cannibals and take your ights from them, for God is with you and His promise does not fail!


o   Wake up and awaken the dormant ones. Revive and restore to life those who art lifeless, and under the banner of monotheism, make sacrifices to roll up the scroll of the red or black colonialism and do away with the selfsold worthless elements!


o   The downtrodden in all lands should retake their due rights by mighty fist and not expect others to give these to them for the arrogant do not remit what belongs to others.


o   O the downtrodden people! Arise and oppose the superpowers for if you

do so, they cannot do anything about it.


o The deprived and the oppressed of history should themselves rise up and not wait for the oppressors to release them from bondage.


o Ultimate   victory   can   be   achieved   when   all   countries   and   all   the downtrodden triumph over all the arrogant people.


o The 'Id or the day of festivity for the downtrodden is the day when the arrosant are buried.

Source: 'Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini" book 

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