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The Life "Memory" Album by Anoushirvan Rohani



Anoushirvan Rohani also spelled Anooshiravan Rowhani (born 1939) is an Iranian pianist and songwriter

Born in Rasht, Iran in 1939, Anoushiravan received music lessons from his father Reza Rohani, himself a poet and violinist. Anoushiravan later studied piano with Javad Maroufi, one of the most famous pianists in the Persian style, at the Persian National Music Conservatory in Tehran.

His passion for the keyboard and piano was so great that in 1963, he imported the very first electronic organ to Iran. Aside from the organ, he is also heard playing the accordion in many of his early works.

After the Iranian Revolution of 1979, he continued his composing in the Western world, principally based in Los Angeles and Germany, where he recorded albums under the MZM records labels.

His achievement as a Persian musician is not a feat that is held in great regard by Iranians alone. He has worked with a vast number of orchestras worldwide. One such orchestra worthy of being noted is the Czech Symphony Orchestra based in Prague, which performed the orchestral pieces of his album Love Melodies.

Anoushiravan Rohani has written and performed with a plethora of famous Iranian singers. His songs are commonly resung and remixed by other artists.

Anoushiravan Rohani is the elder brother of Shahrdad, Ardeshir and Shahriyar Rohani.

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