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Invitation to Uprising

(Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini)


o My counsel to the nations of Muslim countries is this: Do not expect someone from the outside to come and help you obtain your objective which is Islam and the implementation of its decrees. You yourselves must rise up for this vital matter that leads to the realization of freedom and independence.


o The nations must rise up and rid themselves of their (corrupt) governments

      and the great powers.


o I hope the Muslims of other lands will take a lesson from the experience of

     the Iranians, slap the West in the face, stand up on their own feet and. by

     relying on Islam, regain their past honor and glory.


o O zealous Muslims in the four corners of the world! Rise up from your slumber of negligence and save Islam and the Muslim countries from the clutches of the colonizers and their afiliates.


o Is it not disgracing for the Muslims of the world””with all their human. spiritual and material resources, with such a progressive school [maktab] and divine support””to bow down to the domination of the arrogant powers, pirates and robbers of the century?


o   It is up to the nations to rise up and rescue themselves from the hands of the ruffians.


o   The nations must ise to action. It is a mistake to sit by and expect others to do something, materially or spiritually, for them.


o   It is the duty of the Muslims to stage upisings for Islam and cut off the hands of the powers that are plotting to destroy Islam and to possess the Muslims' resources.


o   Those who know what ails the Muslim societies, who have made covenants with the depived and the barefooted to continue their struggle, should remember that they are at the beginning of the way.


o   Let all the vigilant Muslim nations aise with due awareness and make these dirty hands that seek to place the entire Muslim nations under the domination of superpowers withdraw to their own positions.


o   Keeping silence in respect of corrupt ruling class is a disgrace to the Islamic nation.


o   0 Muslim nations! Take a lesson from the sacrifices of our mujahids for the sake of freedom, independence and the development objectives of the great Islam, and by joining together break through the obstacles of colonialism and exploitation, and advance toward liberty and humane life.


o Undoubtedly, the victory, of the Muslim nation of Iran will be a fine example for other oppressed nations of the world, particularly the nations in the Middle East on how a nation, by relying on the revolutionary ideology of Islam can overwhelm great powers.

Source: 'Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini" book 

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