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Uprising for God

(Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini)


o All things are embedded in the uprising for God; uprising for God brings

      forth the knowledge of God.


o When one sees God's religion in danger, he must rise up for His sake, o Do not fear death. Life and death are in God's Hand.


o Rise up everyone! Rise up for God. Rise up singly to counter the devil's

      army within you and rise up collectively to confront the evil powers.


o  "Rise up singly and collectively for God":1  singly,  for attaining the

     knowledge of God and collectively to attain God's aims.


o Rising up for God's sake knows no defeat.


o If some day we shift our trust from God to oil or to weapon, be sure that

      day will mark our downfall.


o Try to make your uprising and this movement of yours to be a divine

      movement and to be for the sake of God.


o All powers are nothing vis-a-vis the Almighty God.

Siirah as-Saba' 34:46: "/ exhort you unto one thing only: that ye rise up, for Allah \\ sake, bytwos and singly."


o We are not afraid because our uprising was for God.


o Uprising for God is free of any and all losses and damages.


o The uprising for God and the movement that is based on spirituality and

      faith has no retreat.


o A country that has risen up for God shall endure in His Name and follow

      its aim.


o Affiliate yourselves with that Source of Might; you. little drops, join the


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