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Hypocrisy and the Hypocrites

(Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini)


o   The hypocrites are worse than the unbelievers.

o   Islam denies the hypocrites most. The hypocrite is the most obvious

manifestation of kufr.

o   Islam has emphasized the destruction or reformation of the hypocrites

more than unbelievers because one knows what to do with an unbeliever but does not know what to do with a hypocrite.

o   In Surah al-Munafiqin[Chapter: The Hypocrites] the Holy Qur'an describes the hypocrites, saying that before you a hypocrite states that he has religion, that his religion is Islam but he lies; he is not Muslim; rather, he is a hypocrite.

o   Today we face the problem that a number of hypocrites profess Islam, but in reality they want to break its back; the Muslims have a hard time with them; the solution to the problem concerning them is very difficult.

o   Your major fault and that of your supporters is that you have no

knowledge of Islam and its spiritual strength, nor do you know anything about the Muslim nation and its incentive for self-sacrifice.

o  While the heads of the hypocrites' are merrymaking in the laps of America and France, yet they have succeeded in deceiving a number of youth and controlling their power to think.

By hypocrites    [munaiqm ] is meant the members and supporters of MujahidTn Khalq Organization (MKO) that was established in 1344 AHS (1965) to fight against the Shah.

Because of the ignorance of its leaders on the comprehensive principles and teachings of the school of Islam, the organization chose an eclectic ideology and in a very short time after the victory of the Revolution, rose against the Revolution and its forces and martyred a good

o Those who profess Islam but burn hospitals and sever the heads of the wounded are not Muslims; recognize them as they are hypocrites.

o Shame on you, O scum of the Satan and on you. O self-sold internationalists for creeping into holes and sabotaging with your acts of ignorance the work of a nation that is challenging the superpowers.

o I doubt if you can find a group or band whose crimes and meanness are on  a par with that of this small group of the hypocrites.

many true servants of people, of the dedicated clergy, and youth, and by explosion of scores of bombs all over the country, setting fire to houses and buses iled with innocent people and started blood streams. The group spared no effort to overthrow the Islamic government. After several stages the group was suppressed by the revolutionary forces. Some of them led from the country. Those who claim to be anti-imperialists and feared revelation of their identities are now passing their last shameful days in the laps of the imperialists. In the public vernacular the terrorist group. MujahidTn Khalq. has been named and known as munaiqin [hypocites], which indicates their inner crooked quality. It is to be noted that during the Iraqi war against Iran this group fought against the Islamic forces by the side of the Iraqi army.

Source: 'Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini" book 

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