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(Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini)


o No fault is greater than not understanding one's own fault and ignoring it.

      Although one is a collection of faults himself, he is concerned with the

      faults of others.

o Why should complexes of the heart mislead men and carnal passions put

      aside all things and observe only the faults?

o Divulging the peoples' secrets, no matter what they may be, is contrary to




o Do not neglect God even for a moment. Neglecting the Source of Power

      leads mankind to perdition.


Disappointment and Despair

o Do not ever become disappointed in your affairs for all things do not

      become rectified at once and major works are carried out little by little.

o Despair is of the army of Satan and hopefulness is that of God. Always be



Social Perversion and Corruption

o The prophets, just like the physicians, wanted to reform the society.

o If there is only no ethical perversion, no war weapon will ever harm


o That which places our planet on the verge of collapse is moral perversion.

o Corruption deteriorates the community, and like a cancerous tumor, will

     not let it up; it must be removed.

o Saving of an addict is not saving of an individual; it is saving of Islam.

o Insulting a Muslim is not a religious duty; the same is true in the case of

      backbiting a brother in faith. It is love of the self and love of the world; it

      is satanic insinuations that make man so miserable.

o Hurting Muslims and the faithful is a major sin.

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