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Love of the World and Lust for Power


o The world is the thing that is within us. It makes us stray away from the

      source of perfection and involves us in our ego and egoism.

o The more our ego shows concern for the world the more it becomes

      negligent of God and the hereafter.

o All the spiritual, ethical, and behavioral corruptions stem from our love of

     the world and negligence of God.

o That  knowledge which brings man closer to God,  in one  who  is  a

      mammon it takes him away from the Lord.

o The more one's heart becomes involved in expediencies and preparation

     for this world, the more it will be veiled by dust of poverty and lowliness

     and the more it will be engulfed in the darkness of need and misery.

o My dear! If you don't mind love of the world, at least do not beg of a

     weakling creature like yourself.

o Attention to, and dependence on, material things separate one from the

      caravan of humanity, putting an end to such belonging, and turning to God

      advances one to the station of humanity.

o The  unpleasant  thing  about  the  world is  uncontrolled  attachment  to

      worldly objects such as even a string of beads, a book, etc.

o Concern for the glitter of the world alienates man from his feeling of


o If you want to be admitted to the Lord's Reception you and your heart

      must turn away from the world as much as you can.

o   The wealthy are beggars in rich man's dress and the needy ones in the

garb of the affluent.

o   Getting out of material attachments and becoming mindful of God

promotes man to the station of humanity.

o   Know that this world is lowly because of its faults, deficiencies and

infirmities. It is not a place for generosity and divine reward or a place for torture or punishment.

o   Fear of death comes to those who have made this base world their home

but are not aware of the eternal abode by the Divine Grace.

o   Any status or position that man may earn, whether spiritual or material.

will be taken away some day and that day is not known.

o   He who has links with God does not suffer defeat. Defeat comes to him

for whom this world is ideal.

o   Should they give their lives for Islam and for the good of the Islamic

country by their blood while we sit here and quarrel with one another? In the logic of Islam this is a great sin.

o Lust for power is satanic regardless of who is the seeker.

o Don't raise so much fuss about how your house is and what conditions

     you live in... Search for that human honor, that virtue which made you


o This world's affair will pass away soon; its victories, defeats, goodness,

     and evil things last just a few days.

Source: 'Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini" book 

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