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Self-Love and Carnal Desires

(Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini)


o Beware of the carnal desires for they are the legacy of Satan.

o Pursuit of the carnal desires is the indication of separation from God.

o The seriousness of carnal diseases is a thousand times more than bodily


o If you open one door to carnal desires you will be compelled to open many

     other doors.

o My dear! Know that carnal wishes and desires are endless; the appetite is


o Any misfortune that befalls the individual and any hardship that is

     inflicted on the community by the power-wielders are due to selfishness

     and lustful desires.

o Man's inner devil is the man himself; his ego; the carnal desires of man.

o Self-love is the root of all corruption of man; it has been from the first

     appearance of man down to the present and will be such a source to the

     Last Day.

o Man's affliction is his carnal desires.

o As long as you are tied down to your ego and selfish whims and wishes

     you cannot struggle in the path of God or defend the Lord's Sanctuary.

o Self-love is at the top of all of man's wrong doings. o Selfishness is a danger to any man.

o Love of the self is our greatest pitfall. Ambition and love of fame are also


o Man's ego is worse than any uncontrollable thing; it destroys him because

      of being uncontrollable.

o That which breaks one's back is self-love, love of position and love of all

      the things that generate love. Such love is so dangerous that if the Prophet

      or even God take some of it from him, the self-loving man begins to hate

them both.

Source: 'Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini" book 

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