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Contentment and Simple Living, Patience, Repentance

 (Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini)


o Spiritualities form the basis of Islam. Try to enhance spiritualities and

     reduce formalities as much as possible.

o Accustom yourselves to simple living and avoid attachment of the heart to

      pelf and position.

o Islamic-human values cannot be preserved by luxury-consumerist living.



o Patience is the key to the gates of happiness and the source of deliverance

      from predicaments.

o Patience and forbearance ease the burden of misfortunes on man. make

     easy the difficulties, and strengthen the will and resolution.

o The greater a purpose the greater the pains to attain it; one must be


o If we persevere, divine confirmation shall assist us.



o For anyone who does something (wrong), there is always a room for

     repentance; God's munificence is endless.

o Repentance has conditions which must be fulfilled before God accepts it.

o The best season to repent is the sping of youth when the burdens of sins

     are lighter and the heart's blemish is partial and the terms of repentance


o Remorse and decision to quit sinning does not occur to those who have

     engaged in telling lies and backbiting for 50 or 70 years and have bleached

     their whiskers in sins.

o Repent! Repentance is not done by mere saying of the words. "I repent

     before God!" it requires remorse, penitence and resolution to stop the

     commission of sinful acts.

Source: 'Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini" book 

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