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Faith and Spiritual Values

 (Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini)


o Things shall be set right once faith enters the heart.

o Faith in God is light; faith in God removes all darkness from the path of

      the believer.

o   Faith or belief means that the heart has become aware of, and accepts, the

things one comprehends by the intellect.

o   Those who are with God, who are attentive to Him and believe Him, will

be taken out of all darkness and led into the reality of light by Him.

o   Know that the essence of knowledge and faith””which is based on

knowledge””is light.

o   Know that faith is one of the spiritual excellences whose light essence

very few are aware of. Even the faithful are not aware of the radiance of their faith and the blessings it bears for them at the Threshold of God as long as they are bound to this world and abide in the darkness of nature.1

o   Faith is the base from which all the spiritual and material blessings and

progress of a country germinate.

o Threats and bribery affects those who lack faith.

o   Many people claim they have faith but the faithful are very few.

o   If faith becomes fortified in men, all things will be done with ease.

o   Being few in number isn't important, having strong faith is what counts.

o The standard for happiness is that one is faithful and patient, invites others

      to patience, and says the truth and makes others say the truth.

o I cannot accept that a man without spiitual standards may act for the


o Try to enhance spirituality among this nation. It is by spirituality that you

     can preserve your independence and attain the stages of perfection.

o Spiritual values are permanent ones.

o All miseries stem from the weakness of faith and belief.

Here 'nature' does not mean the natural world but the base, mean aspect of the material world. [Ed.]

o   Honor emanates from piety.

o   It is easier to recover from material losses than from spiritual losses.

o Those who work for God never lose; those who work for the world suffer

losses; if they don't attend to it, they'll lose all and waste their lives as


o   We pin our hopes in God; we are not disappointed with Him and, by His

grace, we shall overcome difficulties.

o   1 am confident that as long as this nation is mindful of God no power can

hurt it.

o   If our nation moves ahead for God and for the pleasure of the Noble

Messenger, all its objectives will be materialized.

o   Do not think that the White House and the Kremlin are living with ease;

they live in anxiety which is due to their pursuit of Satan. Satan prevents tranquility from entering the hearts of men.

o If belief in God and action for His sake enter the social, political,

      economic, and other aspects of man's activities, the most complicated

      problems of the modern world will be easily solved.

Source: 'Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini" book 

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