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Martyrdom and the Martyr

(Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini)


o Martyrdom is an eternal honor.

o Martyrdom has been the pride of the awliya': it is our pide as well. o Fear belongs to those whose school is not martyrdom.

o Martyrdom is the secret of victory.

o The nation that wishes martyrdom is victorious.

o You are victorious whether you triumph in this world or you get martyred. o It is an honor for all of us to be martyred in the path of Islam.

o Martyrdom is a great grace for us.


o It was due to the sense of seeking martyrdom and willingness to sacrifice

     that a nation, empty-handed, triumphed over the taghut.

o A nation whose women and men are ready to give their lives and who seek

     martyrdom, cannot be challenged by any power.

o The blood of our martyrs is a continuation of the pure blood of the martyrs

     of Karbala'.

o The nation, for whom martyrdom is bliss, is victorious. o The nation that wishes martyrdom has no fear.

o Our nation has given blood so that the Islamic Republic may be


o Our nation loved martyrdom; the movement advanced with love for


o We are from God, the whole world is from God, and is a manifestation of

     God, and all shall return to Him. Therefore, it is best that the return be

     optional and man choose martyrdom in the path of God and let men opt to

die for God and be martyred for Islam.

o Departure from deathbed is nothing but death, but martyrdom in the path

     of God is pride and honor for all men.

o "Red death" is much better than "black life".1

o How remiss are the materialists who seek the values of martyrdom in the

     pages of nature, search for its description in songs and epic odes, and look

     for clues through the art of imagination and the book of intellect! Never!

Only love can provide a solution to the riddle.

o The martyrs have achieved their due service, happiness and reward.

That is. an honorable death ("red death") is better than a life in humiliation ("black life"). [Ed.]

o The martyrs of the Great Revolution, like the martyrs of the early days of

      Islam, shall be rated highly valuable at the Divine Threshold and honored

      by Almighty God and the awliya' of Islam.

o You are victorious because you embrace martyrdom, and those who fear

      death and martyrdom are defeated.

o Is not martyrdom the heritage handed down to our martyr-nurturing nation

     by our guardians and masters who deemed life as conviction and struggle.

     and in the path of the honorable school of Islam guarded it (the

martyrdom) with their own blood and with that of their dear youth?

o   I say to the dear nation and multimillion masses of our people that no

revolution has been realized without seeking martyrdom, readiness for sacrifice, hardship, inflation, and temporary material pressures.

o   Martyrdom in the path of God is not a thing to be assessed by material yardsticks and human standards.

o   Our leader is that      12-year old boy1 who, with his small heart, which is greater than hundreds of our tongues and pens, with grenade in hand, threw himself under enemy tank and destroyed it and himself, and thus drank the nectar of martyrdom.

o   Happiness is attained by those who returned to God that which He had

given them (life), and we are those who fell behind.

o   It is up to us to acknowledge our weakness and express our gratitude to those cherished fighters who sought martyrdom and by their bravery Imfim Khomeini is referring to the young BasTjJ (voluntary mobilization force) Husayn FahmTdeh. During the eight-year Iraqi-imposed war on Iran instigated by the World Arrogance especially America, this Basji boy. though aged 13. several times participated in the warfront operations. By his intelligence and insistence this Basji boy used to convince the commanders to let him attend frontline actions. In a bid to prevent the enemy tank attacks the last time he was at the front, he attached several hand grenades around his waist and held one in his hand and thus armed, he threw himself into an enemy tank causing it to catch fire and explode. His embracing martyrdom in this manner stunned everyone and it became an example for other combatants who followed. The Islamic Republic of Iran has printed his picture on its 100- and

1.000-rial currency notes to keep alive his memory and the epic he created.


defended their Islamic homeland and with their pure blood provided lights to show the path to all the nations in bondage.

o May the martyrs enjoy the pleasure of their association with the noble prophets and saints and with the martyrs of the early days of Islam. May they enjoy even more the blessing that has come to them by winning the

pleasure of God.

o Lo and Behold! O martyrs, be at ease by the side of Almighty God; your nation shall not lose your victory!

o You (martyrs) are true witnesses and mementos of the iron wills and resolutions of the models of the purest servants of God and you have proven your devotion and service at the Holy Threshold of the Lord by the sacrifice of your bloods and lives.

o   A country where everyone is alert and prepared to sacrifice his life for martyrdom will surely have no fear of what you do.

o It is art if one can rise up for jihad without evil ostentation and political clamor, and sacrifice himself for the objective which is not vain desire,

      and this is the art of the men of God.

o   I tell you faithful brothers, it would be much better for us to be wiped off

the world scene at the criminal hands of America and the Soviet Union and by our red blood meet our Lord in honor, than to lead a comfortable life under the banner of the Red Army of the East or the Black (Army) of the West.

o Have no fears! You are victorious, God willing! Whether we kill or be

      killed, truth is on our side. If we get killed, it will be in the path of God

      and if we kill, that, too, is for God and victory!

o We, veiled earthlings or celestial beings, how can we know the meaning of

      "feasting with the God of the martyrs"?

o   If we are killed, God willing, we shall go to heaven and if we kill, still we

will go to heaven.

o Slay and be slain, either way you belong to heaven. o We are fortunate whether we slay or are slain.

o   It  is the time that we. who are the inheritors of all this blood and the

survivors o\' the young lain-in-blood martyrs, not to sit idle, but to do all

we can to render fruitful their sacrifices.

o   Martyrdom is a gift from Almighty God to those who are worthy of it.

o   To weep for the martyr is to keep the movement alive.

o   Mourning for a martyr who has given everything in the path of Islam is a

political issue. It has considerable influence on advancing the Revolution. We should make use of these gatherings (for mourning).

o   The shrines of the martyrs and the corpses, as well as the bodies of the

maimed arc telling tongues that bear witness to the greatness of their eternal souls.

o The blood of our youth overwhelmed the machincguns.

o   How can one be not affected by persons who see their power in the blood

of our martyrs?

o   Serving in the Bonyad-e Shah [Martyr's Foundation] is above all services.

o   I consider martyrdom in the path of God and for divine objectives as an

eternal honor.

Source: 'Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini" book 

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