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The Hajj

 (Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini)


o From the day of its inception, the significance of the political dimension of

     the Hajj pilgrimage has been no less than its devotional dimension.


o Hajj is the preparation, exercise and formation of this monotheistic life.

     Hajj is an arena for demonstration, and a mirror for evaluation of the

     spiitual and material capability of the Muslims.


o One vital philosophy of Hajj is the fostering of understanding and fraternity among the Muslims.


o A house (i.e., the Ka'bah) that has been erected for uprising, the uprising

of 'mankind'     [nas] and 'for mankind'        [lin-nds] should be used for this

great purpose.


o This Great House is built for 'mankind' [nas] and for the 'uprising of mankind' [qiyam-e nas].


o All Muslims should make efforts to revive the spirit of the Hajj and the

     Holy Qur'an, and to return these two to the scenes of their lives.


o A hajj without spirit, movement and uprising; a hajj without bara'ah

     [declaing immunity against the polytheists]; a hajj without unity; and a

     hajj that cannot destroy kttfr lunbelief] and shirk [polytheism], is no Hajj

at all!


o God willing, we shall not let the Ka'bah and the Hajj””this great pulpit,

     which from atop the humanity's lofty station should broadcast the voice of

     the oppressed people to the entire world and to make the song of

monotheism echo everywhere””to blow the trumpet of compromise with America and the Soviet Union as well as with kttfr and shirk.


o Let us break up the idols in the Holy Mecca, and at the 'Aqabat. pelt

     stones at the devils at the head of which is the Great Satan (America) and

     dive them away, and thus, perform the Hajj of Khallhtllah (Prophet

Abraham). HabThullah (Prophet Muhammad) and Waliyyullah (Imam alMahdT).



o This father of monotheism and idol-breaker of the world has taught us and

     all mankind that sacrifice in the path of God has political dimensions and

     social values more important than its monotheistic and devotional aspect.


o   O speakers and writers! Inform your brothers-in-faith at the great

gatherings in "Arafat.1 Mash'ar,2 MTna/ Mecca, and Medina, of the socio¬ political problems of your own regions and ask one another for assistance.


o   If the Muslims 'find' the Hajj and the politics employed in it by Islam, it

will be enough for them to gain their independence.


o   Declaration of immunity against the polytheists, which is one of the pillars

of monotheism and political obligations of the Hajj should be done during the entire Hajj period in the form of demonstrations and marches with the maximum spectacle and splendor.


o   The cry of immunity against polytheists is not to be made at particular

times; it is a permanent decree.


o   Go to MTna and observe there the divine ideal which is sacrificing one's

dearest things in the path of the Absolute Beloved. Know that as long as you do not foregone these dear objects, foremost among them is the love of oneself and love of this world in the wake of it. you shall not reach the Absolute Beloved.


o   During the Hajj ritual that you perform at Safa4 and Marwah, search, sincerely and heartily, and ind the Beloved for by finding Him all worldly kneaded yarns of attachment will be torn away; all doubts and suspicious as well as all beastly fears and hopes shall fade away.

'Arafat: a plain about 21 kilometers north of Mecca at which the pilgrims' stay from noon to sunset on the 9lh day of Dhu'I-Hijjah (Day of 'Arafat) is one of the hajj rites.


Mash'ar al-Haram: the place where the hajj pilgrims spend the night on their return from 'Arafat and offer theirmaghib [dusk], isha' InightJ and subuh [dawn] prayers.


Mina: a place in Mecca where the pilgrims slaughter their sacrificial animals.


Safa: a hill in Mecca which is an extension of Abu Qubays Mountain to the cast of the Masjid al-Haram. Traversing the distance between this place and Marwah (another place in Mecca) is another devotional hajj ite and is termed e'/' [literally: effort, trial, attempt!.


Marwah: a mount located at a point between the east and the southeast of Mecca, north of Safa.


o During your circumambulation of God's sanctuary, which is a token of

      love for God, empty your hearts of all others and drive out of your hearts

      fear of things that are not of God and, parallel to your love of the Lord,

seek and declare riddance of all small and big idols, the taghut?,, and their associates because the Almighty God and His Friends have themselves declared such riddance as have done by all the noble and free men of the world as well.

o As you recite, "I hear and obey." to the divine call, negate and rule out

      associates for Almighty God in all stages, and from the self or ego, which

      is the greatest source of polytheism, you migrate to Him, the Most

Sublime and Exalted.

oAs you reiterate your answer of "Labbayk, labbayk" [I do hear and obey],

      say "No" to all idols and cry out, "No" to all the tdghuts and their


o When touching the Hajar al-Aswadl [the Black Stone] make a covenant

      with God to be inimical to His and His Messenger's enemies as well as the

      enemies of the pious and noble people, and never to be obedient servants

to them (the enemies of God) no matter who they are or where they live. Let your covenant with God also call for the eradication of fear and submissiveness from your hearts, for the enemies of God and at the head of which is the Great Satan (America) are all mean and miserable although they possess superior tools for slaughtering, suppressing (nations) and

other crimes.

o Go to Mash'ar al-Haram and 'Arafat with gnostic awareness and at each

      station enhance the heart's assurance of the divine promises and

      sovereignty of the oppressed, and contemplate on the signs of God in


o Take note that Hajj pilgrimage is not a business trip; it is not a trip in

     pursuance of the world; it is the journey to God.

Hajar al-Aswad: a black stone located in the eastern pillar of the Ka'bah.   1 .5 meters ahove

the ground placed on the wall. Hajj pilgims try to touch this stone during the

circumambulalion for blessing and luck.

Source: 'Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini" book 

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