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Resurrection and the Hereafter


o You must remember that all of us have another day (the hereafter); do not

     doubt this! We have a day of reckoning before us and everything will be

     considered and calculated on that day. Man himself should give an

account of his acts. On that day, pens shall come and testify; hands shall testify; eyes shall testify. On that day man shall take account of himself. We have such a day!

o Each act we perform here has two states, a purgatory and a heavenly state,

     and we shall encounter it.

Doyen of the Martyrs [Sayyid asli-Shuhada]: a title of Imam Husayn ('</). 34

o Each letter and word that issues forth from us will be reflected in the scale

     of our deeds in that world.

o The scale of our deeds is with God; everything is and will be recorded.

o In this world, the manifestation of intercession of the intercessors is their

     guidance; in that world, the essence of guidance is the intercession. If you

     did not benefit from (their) guidance, you shall receive no intercession; to

the extent you receive,guidance, you'll receive intercession.

o Cultivate your egos; puify them. This world has a definite end for all of

     us; for me sooner, then for you.

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