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The Infallibles

Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini


o This man (Imam 'AIT ) is the manifestation of all justice and equity and the

     wonder of the world. From the beginning of the world to eternity, no man

     except the Noble Messenger can match him in excellence.

It refers to Imam Muhammad ibn Hasan al-Mahdi. the Twelfth and Last Imam from the Prophet's Holy Progeny who is presently in the state of major occultation and will appear on the appointed time in the future to ill the world with truth, justice and faith after being engulfed by falsehood, injustice and unbelief. The lmamate of Hadrat MahdT (may Allah expedite his advent) was announced when he was only 5 years old. In view of the conditions of the time and as God Almighty had willed the Imam went into occultation [ghaybat]. His absence is divided into two terms or periods: The Lesser Occultation [ghaybat al-sughra] lasted 69 years during which the Imam was indirectly in touch with the people by means of 4 deputies or mediums. Next is the Greater Occultation [ghaybat al-kubra) continues up to the present until the time comes for the triumph of virtue over vice. In the Islamic thought the uprising of Hadrat MahdT and his advent are deemed as the inal link in the chain of uprisings of the religious men over the evil. The uprising of the righteous men extends throughout the history and everyday the grounds for the victory of the just over the unjust becomes better prepared until the rise of the Promised Mahdl who will bring the uprising to their ultimate conclusion and the sun of justice and righteousness dawns to humanity's sky. That day is the day of man's intellectual moral and social maturity. Mahdawiyyah and the rise of Imam Mahdl are embedded in the beliefs of the Sunni Muslims too. and their books give glad tidings to this issue.


o   Soldiers, even the renowned ones, are unknown in this world. The most

famous, dedicated soldier of Islam is the Commander of the Faithful and he is the most unknown one.


o   This small house of Fatimah1 ('a) and the individuals who were reared and

raised in it were only four or five in terms of number, but who were, in reality, the manifestation of the entire might of the Almighty God, have rendered services that have made us and you and all mankind wonder!


o   In preserving the great prestige of women, all should imitate that unique

feminine gem. Hadrat Zahra ('a).


o   Morals, celestial manifestations, divine manifestations, manifestation of

the celestial kingdom, of worldly elegance, all are compounded in this being. *


o   The revolution of the Iranian people is the starting point for the grand

revolution of the Islamic world under the stewardship of Hadrat Hujjah.3


o   The Imam ot the Time ('a) is watching over us; he is watching over the

clergy to see what they do now that Islam is entrusted to their hands, and all excuses are cut off.

Hadrat Fatimah ('a) is the daughter of the Noble Prophet (s) and wife of Imam 'AIT (a). She

was born in Mecca in the fith year of the Prophet's mission. She is the mother of Imams

Hasan and Husayn. the second and third pure Imams from the Prophet's Progeny respectively.

It is beyond the scope of this argument to comment on the exalted and loty standards of the

conduct, chastity and faith of this noble lady of Islam. Her love for her father was so intense

that the Prophet had popularly called her. "the mother of her father" [ummu abihS]. Fatimah

was by the side of the Prophet during the most exciting periods of his life and by the side of

her husband 'All during the most eventful days of his life. She was by the side of these divine

personages and due to the pain and agonies she suffered during her short life time, she passed

away a few months ater the demise of her father. See Ibrahim AmTni and Sayyid Kazim

QazvTni, Fatima the Gracious, trans. Abu Muhammad Ordoni (Qum: Ansariyan Publications),


2 That is. Hadrat Fatimah az-Zahra ('a).


3 Hujjah (lit., "proof): the short form of Hujjalullah ft'I- 'A rd [The (last) Proof of Allah on earth], which is one of the titles of Imam al-Mahdl {'a). The designation hujjah ["proof"]

given to the Imams has a two-fold sense. First, through the qualities they manifest, they are proofs of the existence of God and of the veracity of the religion He has revealed. Second, they constitute proofs to be advanced on the Day of Judgment against those who claim they were uninformed of God's law. [Ed.]


o   We who expect his (Imam al-MahdT's) blissful advent are obliged to exert

our utmost effort to implement the law of divine justice in this country of the Master of the Age.


o The martyrdom of the Commander of the Faithful ('a) as well as that of

      (Imam) Husayn ('a), and the imprisonment, toture, banishment, and the

      poisoning of the Imams ('a) have all occurred in line with the political

struggles of the ShT'ah against all forms of despotism; in a single word, resistance and political activities constitute an impotant part of religious responsibilities.


o   What is most regrettable is that they did not let Hadrat Amir {'a) become

manifest as he should and as Islam had wanted.


o The tragic event that befell the Commander of the Faithful and Islam is

     greater than that which befell the Doyen of the Martyrs.1


o   The prophets did not succeed in carrying out their goals (of implementing

Islam in the entire world) and Almighty God will send someone (Imam alMahdT) to implement them at the end of time.

Source: 'Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini" book 

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