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The Qur'an

Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini


o Without the Qur'an the gate to the knowledge of God would be shut


o The Qur'an is the man-making book; Islam is the man-making school1””

      man in all his dimensions.

o It is the Qur'an that guides us to the lofty purposes to which we intuitively

     turn while we are unaware of ourselves.

o Do not neglect association with the Holy Qur'an””this divine scripture

      and book of guidance””because whatever the Muslims have and will have

      throughout history (past and future) is due to the bountiful grace of this

sacred book.

That is, the Qur'an is the book thai molds true human being and Islam is the school that does the same. [Ed.]


c   Set the teaching of the Qur'an. in any of its features, as your focus and

highest aim.

o   To the extent you act according to the Qur'an. you v. ill find yourself under

its banner. The banner of the Qur'an is not like other banners. The banner of the Qur'an is observance of the Qur'an (i.e.. its commands).

o   May you never confuse the Sacred Qur'an and the salvation-giving faith

of Islam with the false and deviant schools that are (mere) products of the human mind!

o   There is no school above the Qur'an.

o   The important thing is that the Muslims act according to Islam and the

Qur'an. Islam embodies everything that relates to the growth and cultivation of human being and human values as well as matters concerning man's life in this and the next world.

o   The Qur'an must be present in all features of our lives.

o   This book and this wide table spread in the East and the West from the

time of revelation up to the resurrection, is a book used by all men”” layman, learned man. philosopher, mystic, jurisprudent, etc.

o   The Qur'an is a man-cultivating book; it is the active man's book; it is the

book of human being; it is a book that guides man who is supposed to move from here to the end of the universe and beyond.

o   My dear youth on whom I pin my hope! Hold the Qur'an in one hand and

take up arms in the other and defend your honor and prestige in such a way as to remove from them (enemies) the power to think and plot against you.

o   It is only proper that we offer sacrifices for the Holy Qur'an. which has

right over us and the entire humanity.

o   The main problem of the Muslims is that they have abandoned the Holy

Qur'an and have come under the aegis of others.

o Whatever we give in the path of God, and whatever we give in path of the

      Qur'an is (the cause of) our honor; it is our pride; it is the path of truth.

o The Holy Qur'an is the sanctuary of us all.

Source: 'Wise Sayings and Counsecs" book 

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