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Islam and Our Deeds

Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini


o Today, Islam depends on your deeds.

o Set Islam as the standard for your actions.

o They will not admit that we are Islamic unless we ourselves act according

     to Islam.

o Right now, Islam is in our hands and we are its guards. If it is harmed (i.e.

     its image being tarnished), we are all responsible. We are all responsible

     before God.

o 1 hope that the Muslims, especially their heads, will forgo voicing Islamic

     slogans, designed to camouflage non-compliance with Islamic decrees,

     and to think of Islam as it is and act accordingly.

"Should be" [beshavad] in the original.


o Consider that you are the custodians of Islam, and not of yourselves.

o Let us abandon this satanic cover in favor of a divine one. which means to

      act according to the Islamic system.

o You dedicated Muslims paid the great Islam and God, the Exalted, their

     dues and taught us the way to be faithful and how to sacrifice.

o Take lessons from the awliya' of God who have been always after the

     school [maklab], and not after their own selves.

o What makes hardships easy to bear is the fact that we tolerate them for the

     sake of Islam.

o Through Islam you achieved this victory and must advance it through


o It was the power of Islam and the power of faith that drew people to unity,

     and it was the unity and the power of faith that led people to victory.

o If one wants to serve Islam, he should not expect all others to accept him. o The criterion for everyone is his current conduct.

o Islam was neither oppressor nor accepts oppression, and we want to be

     so””neither to oppress nor to be oppressed.

o It was by reliance on the sublime teachings of Islam and our faith in its

     principles that we. empty-handed, were able to overcome all the satanic


o If this country become Islamic and education become Islamic, no power

     can confront it.

o If Islamic decrees and rules are implemented in the country, all the

     material and spiritual aspects will be secured.

o It is our duty, today, to be ready to withstand and endure any pain in our

      opposition  to  dangers  that  threaten  Islam  and  the  Muslims.   This   is

necessary for severing the hands of the traitors to Islam and for checking their enmities and desires.

o   We must sacrifice ourselves for Islam; we must sacrifice our hopes and

wishes for Islam.

o Today, the most estranged thing in the world is Islam, and its salvation

      requires sacrifices. Pray that I will be one of those who are to be


o   My dear ones, do not fear sacrificing lives and properties in the way of

God. Islam and the Islamic nation for such was the conduct of the Great Prophet, his executors [awsiya'] and awliya' and our blood is of no better hue than that of the Martyrs of Karbala*1 which was shed in opposition to the cruel monarch who feigned Islam and declared himself the caliph of Islam. You who have risen up for Islam, who sacrifice your lives and properties, are in the ranks of the Martyrs of Karbala' because you follow their school.

o   If Islam is observed as it really is and as God, the Blessed and Exalted, has

established it, then it signals the end of the colonizers.2

o   The Great Prophet of Islam sacrificed everything he had for Islam so as to

hoist the banner of monotheism. As his followers we should dedicate everything we have to keep that banner hoisted.

o We must all get under the standard and banner of Islam but not in terms of

      slogan; it must be in truth and in fact.

Imam Husayn, the son of 'All ibn Abl Talib and Fatimah, daughter of the Prophet (.y). is the third Imam from the Prophet's Progeny. He was bom in Medina in 625 CE. In 682 CE Imam Husayn ('a) rose up against the rule of Yazld, son of Mu'awiyah. With his few companions. the Imam engaged the ten-thousand-strong armed men of Yazld at a place called Karbala' (in Iraq). In this bloody epic evenl. Imam Husayn, his children and votaries numbering 72 were all martyred and their families were taken captives by the army of Yazld. The great calamity in the history of Islam was the result of the deviation of the system of caliphate from the path of Islam, on the one hand, and due to the chastity, courage and determination of the Imam in uprooting vice and perversion, on the other. The fallen heroes of this disaster are collectively referred to as the "Martyrs of Karbala'".

" Literally, it states. "The prayer for the death of the colonizers will be recited." [Ed.l

o If the divine precepts are observed in a nation, falsehood [bdtil] w ill leave

      that nation.

o We can confront the great powers and be invulnerable provided that we

     are dedicated to Islam and its decrees.

o Make every effort to practice Islamic rules and make others practice them

      as well.

o If. God forbid, some harm comes to Islam, all of us stand guilty because of


o Do not keep saying, "I"; say "my school [maktab]".

o Let us not mind the words of foreigners and be indolent in implementing

      the decrees of God.

o In achieving a goal, though it is Islamic, commission of something against

      ethics and culture is unacceptable, and it is among the un-Islamic motives.

o I worry lest we fall remiss and fail to exercise necessary care in

      implementing Islam.

o Today, the position of Islam is such that if, God forbid, it meets with

     defeat it will take many long years before it can raise its head again. It is

     because the great powers have realized the might of Islam.

o If you say things in the pulpit which you do not practice and preach things

      in the mosques other than that which you do. the peoples' hearts will

      become disenchanted with you.

o We must keep our eyes and ears open lest we destroy Islam by our own


o Try not to sacrifice the interests of Islam and of the Islamic country for

     personal or factional considerations.

o Now, our condition is such that, God forbid, any wrong move we take will

     be ascribed to Islam.

o Islam is a trust in our hands and we are duty-bound to keep this trust.

o Try to hand down the dear Islam which, today, is in your hands, to your

      descendants in good form. Do not make a crooked form such that they

      would say that it (Islam) is such. Islam is luminous.

o Today, the dear Islam is entrusted to us. You should keep it and hand it

      over to the future generations.

o He who is doing his duty to please the Lord. God willing, should not

      expect the affirmation of everyone. Nothing has the confirmation of all.

o He who follows the truth and works to please God should not mind what

      others say or have said of him.

o He who works for God, and rises up for God, should not fear anything.

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