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The Preservation of Islam

Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini


o Defending the truth and Islam is one of the major acts of worship.

o Preservation of Islam takes precedence over the preservation of Islamic

     decrees. The foundation of Islam comes first, then the foundation of its


Harm hit ("such a") in the original statement of Imam Khomeini.

o   The preservation of Islam itself takes precedence over the lives of


o   Our obligation is to protect and preserve Islam.

o   If we see Islam in danger, we must preserve it with our lives.

o   If the Islamic character of the movement is maintained, no harm will be

inflicted on you.

o   Preservation of Islam is burdensome.

o   Defense of Islam and the Islamic country at the time of danger is a

religious, divine and national obligation incumbent on all the strata and


o   If we want Islam, then we must preserve this Republic.

o   Preservation of public expediency and Islam has priority over that of the


o   Islam has survived through theiqh [jurisprudence] and its decrees.

o   We must all be careful in preserving this school.

o   We have the duty and responsibility to preserve Islam, and today such

preservation is possible through mutual understanding.

o The grandees of our Islam were slain trying to preserve Islam and the

     decrees of the Holy Qur'an; they went to jail and made other saciices so

     that they could preserve Islam and hand it down to us.

o Those who have decided to preserve Islam should remain even if all others


o No obligation in Islam is above the preservation of Islam itself.

o Our revolutionary people must know that preservation of Islam and the

     Revolution and its achievements, as well as maintaining respect for the

     martyrs' blood require great revolutionary patience and fotitude.

o   Gratitude for the blessing implies that you should be faithful to Islam. I

warn you to be faithful to Islam!

o   Mountains of calamities are but a straw vis-a-vis our Islamic-Iranian


o   Islam is something for the realization of which we must all be sacriiced.

o   Taqiyyah   [dissimulation]' is for the preservation of religion. When

religion is threatened, it is no time for dissimulation and silence.

o   Sometimes dissimulation is forbidden. When the person saw that the

religion of God is in danger, he cannot perform dissimulation.

o   The whole nation must guard Islam.

o Our duty is to preserve the prestige of Islam.

o   The day when we think that Islam is in danger, we must all make


o   Islam's predestined circumstances are also predestined for all Muslims.

o   It is incumbent on all, regardless of where we work and serve, to preserve

Islamic standards at the top of all services.

o   At the present time. Islam is set against all [forms of] kufr; not you and 1.

You and I do not count.

Taqiyyah: prudential dissimulation of one's true beliefs under conditions of acute danger to one's life, property, or honor, a practice based on Quran, 3:28. As its observance depends on certain terms and conditions, it may be obligatory [w&jib], recommended [muslahab].

abominable [makriili]. or forbidden [haram]. For a fuller discussion of taqiyyah. see Sayyid Saeed Akhtar Rizvi. Taqiyyah (Dar es Salaam: Biial Muslim Mission of Tanzania, 1992).


o When one sees God's religion is in danger, he must rise up for God; when

     he sees the laws of Islam are threatened, one must rise up for God. [If] he

     succeeds, he has performed his duty and has won; [if] he does not succeed,

he has done his duty [to say the least].

o If the world-devourers try to stand up against our religion, we shall stand

      up against their entire world.

Source: 'Wise Sayings and Counsecs" book 

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