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Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini

The Religion of Islam: part 2


o   Islam has elucidated on everything, but the problems are on the Muslims.1

o   The main problem of the Muslims is their drifting away from Islam and

the Qur'an.

o   If the nations would become aware of Islam, they will realize that

whatever they seek exists in Islam.

o   All the havoc wrought on this country has come from persons who had no

understanding of Islam.

o   Those who have malicious view of Islam are those who have no

understanding of Islam.

o   I advise you not to part ways with Islam; do not separate your path from

that of the clergy. Do not lose this divine power, this power of the clergy which is a divine power.

o This great bastion of Islam and this bastion, the clergy, are both despised

     by the foreigners.

o   Islam has made incumbent on the govenments to serve.

o   Islam is at the service of the downtrodden.

o Islam wishes you well; it will ensure your happiness in this and in the

     other world.

o Islam has brought us everything.

o Islam has come to save the downtrodden.

o Islam is the religion of freedom and independence.

o Islam accepts material things that are subservient to spiritualities, o Islam provides inner training as well as preserves material welfare.

Bar sar-e muslimm ("on the head of the Muslims"! in the oiginal statement of Imam Khomeini.

o Islamic laws respond to the human needs. These laws are very clear and


o In all the political, economic, social, and cultural dimensions, Islam

      provides for man's real progress.

o The school of Islam is not materialistic school; it is a spiritual school. It

      admits material things under the aegis of Islamic spirituality””

      spiritualities, morality, self-purification.

o Islam's call is neither purely spiritualistic nor solely materialistic; it is

      both. That is, Islam and the Holy Qur'an have come to mold and train man

      in all his dimensions.

o Islam is a government whose one dimension is political government while

     the other dimension is spiritual government.

o Islam is a devotional-political religion in whose political affairs worship is

     involved while its devotional affairs embody politics.

o The Messenger of Allah has placed the pillar of politics in religion. The

     Messenger of Allah (s) has established a government.

o Islam is the religion of politics; it has government.

o Political decrees of Islam exceed its devotional decrees.

o Political activity is one of the religious duties of the Muslims. o By God. Islam is all politics!

o "Civics" is an offshoot of Islam.

o The religion of Islam is a political religion such that everything it has is

     political, even its worship.

o Islam has programs for everything, for all lives.


o Islam has laws and decrees for the entire life of man from the day he is to

     be born up to the moment he will be buried in the grave.

o In the sacred laws of Islam, there has been more discussion on the socio¬

      political affairs than on the devotional affairs.

o Islam has program for living and program for government.

o Islamic   laws   are   highly   progressive,   and   they   guarantee   freedom,

      independence and advancement.

o Any country observing Islamic laws will surely become one of the most

     advanced countries.

o Islam itself has been one of the founders of the world's great civilizations.

o It was Islam and these cries of "Allahu akbar" [God is the greatest] that

      took you to victory.

o It was Islam that set you going and granted you such1 power as to stand up

      fearlessly against these great evil forces.

o It is treason to allow freedom of action to those who intend to betray Islam

      and the nation.

Source: 'Wise Sayings and Counsecs" book 

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