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The Religion of Islam: part 1

Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini


o Islam is the most supeior school [maktab]. Islam is more pure than all

other schools in the world.

o Islam has come for mankind, not for Muslims or Iranians only. The

      prophets are assigned to men and so was the Prophet of Islam.

o Islam has come to purify mankind.

o Islam is the man-making school.'

o Islam has come to train mankind. The issue in the program of Islam is man

      and his training.

o Islam ights against anything that drags mankind toward vanity and self-


o Islam is a school that has been sent down to mold mankind.

o Islam has a thesis and program for this man. who is everything; that is. has

     stations from the nature to the supernatural and the world of divinity.

o With such a progressive school as Islam, there is no reason why the

     Iranian nation should imitate the Western model or that of the communist

     countries for its own advancement and progress.

o If everything becomes Islamic, an incorruptible society will ensue. o Islam is for the welfare of the society.

o Islamic laws are progressive, complementary and comprehensive.

o How could Islam””which has placed the greatest emphasis on thinking

      and contemplation, and calls on man to renounce all superstitions and the

The phrase literally translated here as "man-making school" is maktab-e insdnsaz. i.e. the school of thought that molds human being to attain the pinnacle of human perfection and reach the apogee of humanity. [Ed.]


bondages of retrogressive and inhuman powers””be incompatible with civilization, and the signiicant human advancements and innovations that result from his own experience?

o   Islam is on the highest level of civilization and so are its grand religious

reference authorities.

o   All features of civilization and modernization are allowed in Islam except

those that corrupt the character and spoil the virtue. Islam has ruled out the things that are opposed to the interests of the nation and has afirmed the things which agree with the national expediencies.

o   The things that Islam has prohibited are those that draw our youth to


o There is one law in Islam and [that is] the divine sovereign rule.

o   We believe that the only school of thought that can guide and advance the

society is Islam and, if the world wants to be rescued from the thousands of dificulties with which it is entangled today, and to live humanely, it has to move in tandem with Islam.

o   Islam has come for the salvation of mankind.

o   Islam has come for development, and the focus of Islam is on molding

(true) human being.

o   The universality and all-inclusiveness of Islam is such that anyone who

understands it admits that it is beyond the limits of the human mind and cannot be the product of the power of human knowledge and intellect.

o   Islam does not belong to a particular nationality; it recognizes no Turk,

Persian, Arab, or non-Arab. Islam belongs to all, and issues such as race, color, tribe, or language are not rated in this order.

o   In Islam the question of race is essentially not an issue; Arabs, non-Arabs

and other groups are not discussed at all. Islam has come to train the human being. The issue in Islam is the man and his training.

o Islam has come to unite all nations of the world””Arab. non-Arab, Turk,

      or Persian””and to form a great ummah, namely, the Islamic ummah so

      that those who seek domination over Muslim states and centers fail to do

so due to the immense society that Muslims constitute from every group.

o It is this power of Islam that has gathered together the various ethnic

      groups under one roof.

o I have often declared that race, language, nationality, and region are not

      discussed in Islam.

o In the Islamic law there is distinction among the people.

o Islam is the religion of combatant individuals who search for truth and

      justice; it is the religion of those who want freedom and independence; it

      is the school of the combatants and anti-imperialist people.

o We must try to break down the walls of ignorance and superstition so that

      we can arrive at the limpid fountainhead of the pure Muhammadan (s)


o The devils are trying to break this Islam!

o Today, Islam is standing against all forms of kufr [unbelief]. o No power can confront Islam!

o Regard Islam as your guide and be subservient to it. o Islam is dearer than that which we imagine.

o The school of Islam is the school of purification and refinement,

o Islam regulates material matters in such a way that" they lead to divinities.

The abbreviation, ".>â– ". stands for (he Arabic invocative phrase, sallallahu 'alayhi wa alihi wa sallam [may God's salutation and peace be upon him and his progeny], which is used after the name of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s). [Ed.]

" Hamchu ("such that") in the original statement of Imam Khomeini

Source: 'Wise Sayings and Counsecs" book 

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