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The Prophets of God

Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini


o The prophets came to put these potential forces [of man] to work, to

render man's potentials active.

o The prophets, from the first up to the last, made every effort to invite this

     creature (man) to the straight path and make him tread it.

o   The prophetic mission aims at saving the people's conducts, souls and

bodies from darkness; to remove all darkness and replace it with light.

o   The prophets came to call people out of darkness into light.

o The prophetic mission created a scientific-gnostic change in the world that

     converted the insipid Greek philosophies, which were formulated with all

     their past and present worth by the Greeks themselves into an objective

mysticism and a veritable intuitive perception for masters of divine insight.

o That which the prophets wanted was to make all features of life, the entire

      dimensions of the universe and man””this essence of being””as divine.

o   The blessing of the appearance of the Noble Prophet is a blessing which is

matchless throughout the world from the beginning of creation to the end (of time) and none like it will ever appear again.

o The Zillullah is the Great Prophet who is nothing of himself, but


o   Peace and salutations of God, the Exalted, be upon Hadrar Tsa ibn

Maryam (Jesus, the son of Mary), the Spirit of Allah and His great prophet who revived the dead and awakened the slumbering ones. Peace and salutations of God, the Exalted, be upon his noble mother. Virgin Mary,

Zillullah [lit.. "Shadow of Allah"]: a title assumed by kings and rulers throughout history in a bid to justify their alleged religious and spiritual legitimacy. [Ed.]

- Hadrat: The word Hodrat is used as a respectful form of address. [Ed.]

the Truthful Maiden, who, through the divine breath, offered such a great child to those who are thirsty of God's mercy.'

o (Addressed to religious leaders of Chistianity:) To please the Lord and

      carry out the decrees of the Holy Chist, let the bells in your churches peal

      out in favor of the oppressed Iranians, and in condemnation of the


o The essential task of the prophets has been to subdue this self-love as

     much as possible, and to harness the egos.

o We seek what is best for the society; we are the followers of the prophets

     who have come to reform the society, and to lead the society to happiness.

o If all the prophets gather together in one place, they will never quarrel

      with one another.

o If all prophets ('«)" would come together at one era. they would not differ

      about anything.

o The prophets were not to take up the sword except against those for whom

      the sword was the cure and would corrupt the society.

o The logic of the prophets calls for harshness toward the unbelievers and

     those who are against mankind, and for kindness among themselves. Such

     harshness, too, is a mercy.

o The prophets felt pity for the unbelievers, for the hypocrites, and

     wondered why they should be like that.

o At the start of their mission, the prophets first confronted the upper class;

     Hadrat Moses, confronted the Pharaoh. The upper class enjoys the priority

     of being confronted and guided irst.

For information on the status of Jesus Chrisl and his mother Mary in Islam, see for example, Ahmed Deedat. Christ in Islam (Durban: Islamic Propagation Center International, 1997). [Ed.]

: The abbreviation, "'a' stands for the Arabic invocative phrase, 'alayhis-salam. 'alayhimussalam. or 'alayhas-salam [may peace be upon him/thein/her], which is used after the names of the prophets, angels. Imams from the Prophet's progeny, and saints ('a). [Ed.]

Source: "Wise Sayings and Counsecs" book 

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