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The Secret of the Empowerment of Islamic Countries



Date: January 24, 1981 [Bahman 4, 1359 AHS / Rabؤ«‘ al-Awwal 17, 1401 AH]

Place: Jamaran, Tehran

Subject: Unity of the Islamic Countries under the banner of the Quran

Occasion: The birth anniversaries of the noble Prophet (PBUH) and Imam Ja‘far Sadegh (A.S)

Audience: Ambassadors of Islamic Countries

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

The Secret of the Empowerment of Islamic Countries


   I felicitate all the Muslims from all over the world on this auspicious and blessed day. I also felicitate you, the honorable ambassadors of Islamic countries. And how blessed will be the day when the goals of Islam and the goals of the great Messenger of Islam (PBUH)  get actualized in the Islamic countries instead of being limited to slogan-calling and lip-service! I am hopeful that in these times in which the world has undergone a transformation and the oppressed peoples have opened their eyes and many countries have gained independence from external domination, the Islamic countries and our Muslims constituting the major chunk of world population, the maximum resources, and possessing great and prominent people can stay consolidated under the banner of Islamic unity and the teachings of the glorious Qur’an. While yet respecting the independence of our own individual countries, we can remain consolida

ted under the banner of Islam and tawhؤ«d without allowing the superpowers to rule our countries or being under their dominance.

   Those of you honorable gentlemen who are present in Iran and are witness to the Iranian situation and the Iranian government and the regime of the Islamic Republic - that was once again not allowed the opportunity to widely promote all the goals of Islam - can see that this government is greatly different from despotic governments and from the erstwhile monarchical system. And as soon as that puppet government was ousted from here all the doors were flung open towards the Muslims and all kinds of freedom came to be actualized and Islam was fundamentally established in this country that was freed from the clutches of the superpowers. And we should know that nations can achieve anything they strive for. Our nation wished to oust the 2500-year old despotic monarchy from Iran and they succeeded. And we wished to free Iran from the clutches of the superpowers and we succeeded. And you are now witness to the fact that they have launched a direct and unexpected military attack on this country[1] and have now attacked Iran with the help of Saddam and you are all witnessing how they have captured, killed, and displaced so many Iranian women and children, the young and old alike. And in case you haven’t, I would like you all to visit the frontiers and the war-torn areas and these ruined cities and see the situation for yourselves and inform your own countries because they rely upon the information that you pass on to them. And I am hopeful that the Muslims will condemn this situation and this despotism. And I am hopeful that the Iraqi nation will achieve its goal of eliminating this corrupt government and will succeed in forming their own government by their own peoples.

   And I seek refuge in God Almighty and pray to Him for the awakening of the Muslims and for success in reaching our Islamic goals. May he sever the hands of those who wish to create dissension among the Islamic countries! May there be unity among all the Islamic countries, as per Islamic edicts, without the interference of racial or lingual prejudices. And if they gain consolidation, no harm will touch them and no country will be able to violate their right.

Source: imam-khomein.com


[1] The Tabas military attack by the US in the year 1980 that was aborted as a result of an unexpected sandstorm (a sign of Allah’s power) in which a number of US planes, helicopters, and marines were destroyed.

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