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Our basic belief

Basic Beliefs


1-      Tauheed . Untity

God is one, there is no got but Allah , there is nothing like him nor will be . he has no son , no father , no wife of  other relitave . he is beyond our minds .


2-      Adal . Justice

God is absolutely just , he does not need to be unjust . everything he does is just and right , nothing he does is unjust and wrong .


3-      Nabuwat . Prophecy

God sent to his creation prophets from the beginning of time starting with Adam , the chain of  prophets continued through Noah , Abraham , Moses, David , Jesus and other prophets numbering a total of 124.000 . Muhammad (PBUH) was the last of the prophets and after him there will be no more .


4-      Imamat . Religious leadership

When the prophecy ended with prophet Mohammad's desease, Imamat started with Imam Ali (PBUH) as the first Imam and continued with 11 others from his sons and grand sons . all 12  Imams are perfect in every way a man can be , just like the prophet Mohammad (PBUH) .


5-      Qayyamat . The day of judgment

A day shall come when god will do justice with all , and people will be rewarded or punished for their beliefs and deeds .

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